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We must live with our time. And must admit, at each step beyond, ask ourselves if in real, we don’t step back…Because technologies storms are really disruptions states for us. I was involved in two stunning days, at NetXplorateur Forum, with such interesting matters ; you’ll find here, the menu (!)…

Took place in Senat, Paris, high place for political topics in France, organized by HappeningCo, I made my two days, really, skip to spaces from others, meeting with personnalities from innovation, future, and digital world. A time warp, but things are already there in our daily lives, we just have to admit it. There’s no way anymore on “web consideration” ; web is all around us, it’s not just a tool anymore : it makes part of our lives.


Good initiative for France, not really known to be right advanced on web starts-up (!), and first edition of this event. 3 goals were revealed in fact :

  • stare and explore future possibilities
  • reveale skills and rising-up talents in world scale
  • help web-mutation in French corp

Can we call it, “French-Web Davos” ?

Introduced by senator Louis de Brossia, and with organization, with few words by Joel de Rosnay, awareness has been developped to these topics which are main goals for the future : private life and entry of social networking behaviors, effects of 3D developments in daily lives, “the mobile way”, consider the “chips” law enforcement to avoid big brother situations, open source behaviors, UGC, “web-syndicalism”, and so long.

I will try to describe a short report, with main speaches :

  • Softwares as innovation and social source ; case of Mozilla, with Mitchell Baker CEO ; in adding to UGC and worldwide participation to global and social causes, THE exemple of famous competitor of Microsoft reign
  • Worldwide e-democracy, with Psiphon price of Netxplorateur forum, software against censorship, open web to countries stroke by forbidding in access to web, reduicing digital fracture. I guess an amazing innovation, keeping back some hope to isolated people ; and genuine information, too…
  • Social objects and communication : 3D and digital objects, like Nabaztag (here with its creator)

if human can’t communicate anymore, objects will take place : it’s amazing how inertial things, can be animated by technologies ; things we thought useless, re-born in some other use face : such like first toons by Disney’s touch ; maybe the next generation will be human animated by things…think about that


  • Effects of social networking behaviors in corp, change of minds in human ressource jobs and approach, and arrival of generation M, young trouble in classical process ; very interesting how we don’t feel anything before it comes. We changed lots of behaviors, in daily simple things : communication, information, culture and social basics ; technology is an opportunity, not a goal, we must not forget the basics and why we do things before doing them. Sometimes progress is a deception in fact, always masked…

Posted by JP. Rangaswami, about Generation M and his research ; and it’s just the beginning…Excellent paper about how things do change, and fast. Darwin would probably lose his head…

followed by management of talents generation, start-up behaviors, how manage it, the fracture in France between USA, driven by Tariq Krim, CEO of Netvibes ; a former view, brillant demonstration with such simple facts ; he lived in these things, that’s different !

  • Facebook, privacy and so long : a never-end topic !

I guess it’s one of the most “touchy” affair of past year, and it’s not over in the way that, more we speak about it, more is developping fight and lost of trust towards such sites. We didn’t create “big brother” again, but we woke it up ; and it seems that we acclimatize most well to such state of things ; as usual, maybe progress is in devil form, hidden by angel face…

  • Web and syndicalism : strike on SL

Such a strange and followed by many IBM employees and driven by Davide Barillari (from IBM) and Christine Revkin (UNI), first experience in these fields…breathless !

Let’s be careful of the idea of “virtual employees” tomorrow, more easy to manage, with virtual wages ; we all, employees, can dream about virtual boss…

We had a good experience of Trade Union Congress, with John Wood, on about using such social network tools in syndicalism goals, and on the way how employees and syndicates, change in their relations

  • …Then UGC came : a great kick in the ass in producing contents ; intelligence has no goal to be rare ressource. It all makes sense, that we must in a global project, be one day, a contributor, even with something that we consider as minor stuff, to make innovation ; everybody has chance to be a craftman of tomorrow’s masterpieces, like cathedral’s makers centuries ago. But tools are not really the same ones. People has, like no other periods, an endless envy of being consulted, of giving advice, of being an actor of changes. And all these circles of exchange, rise up the final result and global bid. It’s like earth had an invisible mouth, to provide, in one voice, future goals of destiny. Everybody has today its own purpose ; and worth something to other’s ears and eyes…
  • Face to cyber-criminality : oh, don’t excite anything that doesn’t need to ; there so much ways to be spied today, not to add a panic wave ; and think that criminals too, are equiped, well even much…; we can sleep quiet, until the next kind of crimes, they are already exist in virtual worlds…
  • M is fashion letter,  today : multi-media, mobile, multi-task : everytime connectivity, mobility ; are they cause to change, or consequences of our changes in lifestyle ?
  • France, such beautiful place, ready or not for the big jump of digital innovation ; social exchanges, economics and cultural values, to make sense and real place in France. Many corps, politics, people are driven to fast ajustement…or die ?

In France’s history, we can follow and manipulate technologies ; the question is when, and a time-to-market subject, where French people must live in its century, and move faster to precede next futures goals. Great start-up, always come from USA, still a fact. Not really intellect matters, financial or ideas. But other just like goodwill, invisible ability to make the things possible, real ; in many fields, it’s like that. “Change for drive, not to follow”

And as a conclusion, “tomorrow, all Netxplorateurs ?” ; I guess with such events like that, it could help to ; it could make it possible ; and give the flame to want to, give a light to one who doesn’t have…

Want to give a light ? don’t hesitate, comment…

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You will find there (sorry in French), all details about these two days, where TV was recalled, but no one was there like a speaker ; strange…
Speaches and exchanges, around thematics like :
– audiences escapes toward web :
. digital world and using effects
. mobile behaviors and using effects
. lifestyle and UGC effects
– audiences crossroads with web 2.0 : new ones ?

. Facebook and social networking, as relationship and business opportunities
. which audience and how manage with it ?

– “cross-media” : mediaplanning and good combinations ; examples on the web with others media

– brand web sites : which use for it ?
– web and mobile : convergences and differences ?

We had really new tests with several brands and trials ; web is today an actual way to get youngest targets, but more volatile too…

Good moment and good contacts after all, with some speach of higher quality. No doubt to reproduice.


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The “before times”

Black and White TV has gone. At start, a tiny revolution, which was magnified with the first step on the moon’s event, has changed the world.
When I was young (not that I’m old but things go so fast…!), TV was a social meeting around information (there was often one way available…), and entertainment shows. Households, in the whole way, were driven to principal place of house, to disgust this rare moment. Right in front of the screen. No noise, no comments. Everybody was ready for the big show, a sacred event of family. Passive time of enjoy, fun and openmind to the world. From sofa.
One revolution which drives to an evolution : technology took us at one point of view, because of single channel…moved back and regression vs the choice of newspapers, and the choice of our opinions. Entertainment was soft, no porn, no violence, no drugs, everything was made for “a family moral environment”, to distress the whole bulk. Passive way in front of “under influence”. such a funny revolution…


Politics and money go into the dance

Days have gone by, and the hypnotic power of TV has been revealed. Revealed and immediatly exploited, by “quiet strengh”, who were gonna drive the dance. Each habits have its dangerous plague : just like a twirling wind, addicted to TV flow, forgot to select any content, some part of “available brain”, which was ready to be fulfilled. There was the start of first diverges about the goal : many creatures were about to speak us with doubtfull messages : advertising, political topics and so long. The rise of TV power.
But, in the meantime, we forgot to have a conscient reflexion, about what we looked at, simply by the fact, that in our entertainment times, we want to get pleasure, we bend our natural defense and became unsuspicious. Gates are opened…
With sometimes ads which feel like entertainment…or entertainment which is sponsorized by brands.

Fashion, mirror of our minds

Then it becames a kind of fashion, daily dates, because of us : audience is made by our behaviors, we produce by ourselves, prices and conditions of the tool : if we can keep pressure on TV shows by exploding audiences, the fact is that sometimes good contents are never known, because no one take care about them. Life or Death, human judgement drives to one or other issue. And it rocks or not. And it costs or not.
And TV, reflects in someway, our principal dreams and fantasies : we take part of fashion, virtual and second life, thoughout the rythm of programs lives, and it becomes, in itself, a kind of fashion addiction. Then the bulk makes celebrity. and fashion calls fashion.


Trash & Cash, the hard choice of making television

Because of this eternal race of recruiting new brain times, TV has to make more sensationnal crossroads. But to make nowadays, “programs-to-be-viewed-and-loved”, there’s not many fields of discovering while copying tabloids ways, without be boring stuffs. It might not, but it’s a fact that prime-time shows, all around the world (like reality shows), turn quickly to bullshit pieces, where most of the time, the speaker is the star !
TV viewers don’t want to be considered as nut anymore. They understood and learned not to be trapped in this damn spin machine.
In the same time, TV industry learned on how to struggle more, targets, with such suspicious shows : on suicide, drugs, sexuality field, and so long. It’s like, every evening, in some ways, people used to stare in trash bottom, agree with that, even love to go on, in the most organized innocence. That’s crapy stuff !

HDTV and so long : which quality for which programs ?

We found some development in technology, in the way that we improved the quality of picture definition. And fortunately, there’s still some good documentaries or sport events, which make the show !
There’s no still marketing interest if there’s no individual need : technology is never a goal in itself, it’s the way it improves your life, that makes the interest, on how it changes your behavior, your state of mind, your consumer uses. And what about HD on crapy shows…? no way

Web is born : after tech revolution, what about “content revolution” ?

Web audiences grow faster each day ; than ever. And catch million of viewers of all conditions, to get their attention elsewhere. And TV, specialized in trend discovering, showing all times better things to see, never saw threaten over there…and that’s actually really the problem.
Despite technologies which grows fast too, the final countdown is on contents ; and in the ability of finding on the web more and more, in free models, with high quality. And it’s a long history, because TV industry built the story on marketing, production and the ability of “magnify” TV rights, and not on broadcast ordinary stuffs on the flow. We already can find trash and reality web TV, did anyone find the next blockbuster or TV serial, or soccer final on the web, with such added value like channels do ?
I guess not so long, but technology is gonna help once more, to win the battle, and UGC is a further step beyond. TV now makes its market on the web, because of amator’s serial, which become famous ones. There’s a serious risk of swapping the roles : Maybe tomorrow, TV will be anything else but the “second life” of web renewal, and Web will be the first pay TV window of output deals with majors ?

Any idea for a scenario ? make the pitch.

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