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Some years ago, I read a book from James Gleick, called “Chaos Theory” about title subject ; stunning piece, masterpiece, including stories and scientific demos about extraordinary surveys ; something that not let you in flat state, but make you incredibly introspective mind. Maybe, nothing more disruptive since Darwin’s evolution theory.

For resume, Chaos Theory send us to a field of unpredictable stuffs, but organized in a kind of “disruptive ways”, we find such in nature and so ordinary things, like snow, atoms, fluid flows, wind blows, tree leaves, weathers forecasts, and so long…

Lots of topics, you can find, here about Mandelbrot’s fractals amazing pictures, results of mathematics demos, some endless representations which evolves with a ordered, but non predictable way…

Therefore, famous pict about Lorenz’s butterfly, result of weather behavior studies for years, and see how in a kind of organized movement, things never happen twice at the same place…

Therefore, Lorenz demonstrated with weather forecasts work, that a butterfly fly on one  side of the planet, may drive to a twirl at the other side…not convinced ; I admit, hard to swallow 😉



Here takes place our daily uses of  social exchanges, and by kind theorems, I found some killing issues within Chaos reasons. We use to talk, chat, demonstrate, blog, twit and so long. Like searchers, we launch ideas around the world but sometimes never see consequences of advices, comments ; like these tracks, parallels ways, with no echo, result, answer…Our ideas may have an affordable track, but may never see the light…We can have in parallel stories, same advices, inputs, but they may never meet and converge, if not in the same place at the same time. And it’s probably because of this theory that, a twit, blog short, or novel, can provide in one mind, sometimes far away from initial think, a strong reaction, change a life, drive people to a crime, war, destruction…and of course, beauty, passion, religion involvement or some voluntary engagement.

Everybody has one day changed something in its behaviors and uses ; by meeting, voluntary awareness, resistance mind, a read. For example, I was changed in the reading of Paulo Coehlo’s books ; I was changed in my learning of social tools too. And I will probably change a thousand times until I die ; can we consider so far that it’s a consequence of Darwin’s unavoidable scriptings, or is it “people who change people” ?  Kind of  Chaos effects ?

I’m a fan of Chaos Theory, science and mathematics ; and I’m a fan of social networking. Drifting and building bridges between citizens, reduce all fractures, support any initiative open mind, that’s probably what save us every day, in this disruptive and invisible relation flow. And this may change your point of view, on how, sometimes, some of your ideas, posts or comments, can be used, in bad or good further summits, in other places and times…

Next time, I would certainly talk about Synchronicity effect, another strange topic in Jung’s psychoanalytic.


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