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Only 20 years from now, WWW was a bulk disruption on how we live, consume, search, think and act. As cycles gear up, it may be the deepest change since…the birth of printing, the “renaissance” era, or more recently, industrialisation. The Internet has created new values, new debates, new democracies, new wealth, new scarcities, new information sharing and above all, a kind of new economy. And the story could stop, steadily hold a strange balance between users and infrastructures/sites builders. In fact, the sleepiness effect of this large revolution shows us, in a short term, the worst faces of Schumpeter’s doom of innovation. The best disruption effects mean to cut off any kind of intermediation, throwing away millions of jobs, and by the way, millions of lives. If WWW brings us, technology speaking, the best of information, education and equality in the world, that efficient technology erases more than it helps us, in the short term. Do many tasks for free, sharp and straight, instead on holding man assistance.
You probably mean that machines and technology need more and more jobs to build them. True, but probably not the same profiles than the ones fired in this giganteous turnaround. Training and recovering another job? Too old, not flexible, not relevant could you be answered.


But over all, if we stare at the revenue sharing of that economy, we could see a scarce race of “winner take it all” actors, who share their revenue with stocks’ holder more than with you. Nothing else to take a look at GAFAM’s world to see the market cap is perfectly valued with the network and the content. Me. You. Everybody who posts something, someday. The whole value of these networks is nothing else than content, freely and daily published by you an me. Former days were journalists, photographers, editors, producers, distributors, who, in their way, were doing their part of the job, truly paied for that. Now that content is free, posted, twitted, re-twitted in seconds all around the world, who pays for that? Brands. But revenues never come to your pocket, but in the digital oligarchy’s one. Charming period where some “jobs” or tasks always exist, but now are unpaid. The Free economy is obviously interesting as a citizen or a consumer, but we are also employees or economic agent, driven to work to live. And that “freeness” may be our death idol. Is Internet really the answer?


It’s no doubt that the global balance between creation and destruction is far worst than we think. And there’s still no real “huge implementation” of #AI yet…Let’s figure out when many boring tasks will be realized by bots, coding minds, automatic processes like drive, care, produce, publish, deliver…Build bots? But when bots will build bots, what’s next?

This disruption fever may drive us to schizophrenic behavior, with a global rejection of progress, protecting us from…disablation. Switch on, swith off. Someday a robot will push the button for us, to unplug us. Bye. It’s no sense leading to such issue, wasting the best of technology for humankind economic survival. We’ll be “un-revealed”, in an “un” society: unstores, unusual, unhierarchic and holacratic world. Where winner-take-it-all pleases themselve, inventing a mirror world where fashion leads to an “un-anything”. This status is now so true than ever. Value is in the “un-face” of things to unfold deepest desires and hold privacy, scarcity and exclusive vision on things (and people). They know how to cope with it, and we pay it by our blindness and trustiness.

If GAFAM make a lot of money on contents they never create, why don’t they pay the real price for this new kind of (free) suppliers that are friends, members and so long? They push more free tools than ever, to slave us, collect data and make money wherever but our side. That’s the game it seems, hard game, sometimes and in the end, mortal one. Not funny in fact, and the worst is that few have this global awareness of it. We, as human give a lot of energy to dig our own economic grave.

Is it a whole sustainable situation, till when?

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According to the famous “extinction timeline“, here, we bet on some disappearing periods, and prepare sometimes to live just like if we were projected “on the other side”, through a time warp. Does it hurt? Sometimes yes, sometimes not, while there’s simply some hard fences that oblige us to renew lots of things in our lives.

Considering some pictured events and stuffs, some evidences area already there: facing threat of emptiness, humanity is then forced to innovate, to “survive” or adapt to new style/way of life. Thinking now of living without TV or web, is probably real, accepted from few, but is meaningless for the bulk. And rise of such new ways of information or entertainment has been made with fall of other previous modes.

Thinking about all these vanished empires, technologies, and seeing the rythm gearing up’, why couldn’t it exist another parallel world, where, like black holes, born lots of derivate ways of doing progress. Trust we must, trust we doubt, but meanwhile, it seems that things that disappear, may be recreated in others mass of pure creation, kind of “loud and pure essence of brain work”. That is to say, “nothing is lost, but everything has to being transformed”: like gas into water after cooling, or water into gas before in warming it.
And these transformation may not be visible for us, in upper level dimensions, starting with fourth, time, and lots of after, leading us to such questions like: if I can’t see it or be a witness, is it that it’s not true, real, or is it that it overtake our imagination and concrete mind?

I always want to believe in the “unbelievable”, because, like innovation in companies, try and search drive us to unchain the creation power and nothing can’t prove us, as we can believe in other dimensions and what science still ignores. We still need some “endless searchers” to be pioneers toward new worlds and new trends.
Should we imagine that, because a new disruptive model comes, old methods disappear? not necessary and not automatic I guess, while old can be transformed, switched or merged, on the influence of other dimensions. In a way, something we can’t explain with traditional words, sentences, demonstrations or mathematics. But that’s not why we can’t that it doesn’t exist. Belief is the first step to explore time holes and other black parts of the universe. Why couldn’t it be there, why so much strange things in devil’s triangle? unexplained.

Definitely, I believe. I believe we have to stare and listen, much more than ever, to understand the change phases of our world, humanity and species. Technology will never replace vision and ability to be the witness of the lifetime cycles. And when disruptive ones appear, whole parts of old technologies seem to vanish, useless. It’s our inheritage, let’s take care of it…

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Electricity deleted distances. If forecasts about TV world, many years ago seemed to be scifi ideas, they were still miles away from today’s revolution. Since first black&white issues, TV appeared like the soul’s mirror. Sometimes damn stuff, sometimes stunning. But always fascinating.

People just waited for centuries, without conscience about it, this techno’s object, like a child, scared to go further. Since first representation in antic Rome ages, where we could see various scenes, people used to like live, concrete, realtime, sometimes finding happiness in other’s misery…We learned to be an invisible actor. Passive, but excited by.


Then times has gone. Driven by fools, the screen fever (and I might say screenS, in a exponential devices supply today), started an endless run toward what became an amazing window of the world, quiet in our sofas, sweeping distances and differences. But sometimes reshapping truth and information (each revolution has its haunted face…). Television shows us the best and…the worst. We have always to make sure we control what we do, be sure we know where is the “off” button. And consider this is a stunning evolution we can use to, for knowledge enforcement, information sharing, and entertainment. and control what we reserve to our children, being happy to do it, but in a safe way. It’s obviously a one-way communication field (all tries about feedback from viewers, in an interesting way, sustainable and safe business model has failed), which is a great advance in everywhere learning opportunity. Let’s awake these senses, let’s believe there’s a great interest in developping quality contents, and broadcast it by satellite, giving back smiles and hope to some who don’t have no more.

Television has an advance step on Web : controlling contents, and it’s probably one thing which is the most important. Not give children anything to see, like doubtful websites we can find, and keeping the target on what we search : senses, sense of having good time on a great event, and good sense to switch off light, when there’s no interest anymore…

And you, whose sense makes you react ?


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It’s all about a important concept that we gonna talk about ; it’s all about future ; but not boring one, not passive one, about THE future, the existence of it, in itself. It’s all about Innovation.

Innovation is a cause or a consequence ? Are we driven to, or are we managing our destiny ?

I saw M. Marc Giget, who is a master in these ways ; consultant, with many representations in the world, CEO of euroconsult corp, he manages lots of courses about innovation concepts ; he leads the European Institute for Creative Strategies & Innovation too.

He introduced some ideas about it, with lot of good sense and humour ; I liked him, in the way, we have often lots of things in front of us, our mind doesn’t want to see : blind, but any conscience we are…!

Some rules to think about :

1) technology doesn’t make the dance : it’s a way, but not a goal. It’s the style which makes the innovation, not really technology

2) we have to be “in the life” to feel innovation : not the learning in fact that makes a genious, but application that does ; great real artists have suffered, had some troubled lifes, with some hard times ; that’s why some masterpieces are so great : they contain all pain and trouble of their creator…

3) in the same way, there’s no real innovation without risk. Risk itself, is a kind of innovation, in the way that we “change something usual, in a huge part”

4) “new must always enter somewhere” : there won’t be any innovation if you don’t want to ; we must be prepared, we must want it

5) inputs of life and daily society are capital pieces ; they give the rythm, the groove, the goal ; kind of spices, without it, there would be no taste at all

6) to end, a kind of “chance” idea ; great innovations sometimes never rise because time has not came ; history is full of too early breakthrough : too fast, too soon, not so important than ready to…

 We can talk about outside innovation, UG Innovation…because it’s in front of us. CEO of Procter & Gamble said : “there’s probably someone outside of my corp, who has solutions for my problems” ; meanwhile, there’s “only” 9.000 searchers inside the corp ! ; and he decided, targeted to have 50% of his solutions, in a 10 years period, to be provided by “users”, “friends”, whatever the name we use.
Stunning ? no way, just real situation, let’s share the “User Generated Solutions” ; such websites already provided as usual behaviors…

Well, we see that from doom to something wished, innovation can be something really simple first, but appears then complicated by the way it must be developped and understood. And we’re often in front of critics, without any purpose issues ; and that’s why it never goes far.  I guess web and social share are cute tools to deal with it : wide open minds can drive to success ; meanwhile, we can prepare the world to.

Any purpose ?

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