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Driving the change with happiness produces better results in the long term for brands: products, service level, employees involvement and motivation, learning scale, knowhow footprint. Some could say theres’s some “disturbing tricks”, considered sometimes too framed, complicated, as “sect” behaviors. But none. In the spirit of “meaning” and quest for everybody to a “sense of life“, allowing for the luckiest, a perfect stability between career, family, entertainment and in heritage, there’s not only “chance”. If we look at poursuit of happiness, as a never ending story to keep motivation, willingness to learn and share and a desire for improvement, we can perfectly get the essence of this weird process:

  • things become boring as we reach them ; just like collectors who keep fever until they get the last piece of their collection…and depress then after
  • the emotion is intense while the action is, but step down just after the success. It’s really strange, but it is. Ask for champions who won, and then…kind of baby blues, in someway?
  • to keep the sheer energy, innovation with happiness must be considered as a never ending process, always searching for new tracks for improvement, challenging the service level and beat our own results. An impossible quest? Not sure, because passion is an awesome fuel for everyone…
In a special bigup for this delicious tale and stories inside “Happier”, from Tal Ben-Shahar, the first impressions were that the race for happiness in itself, doesn’t mean anything if we see it as a collection, without a framed life. Drawed like a coherent way to discover each day, new experiences, surprises with rituals maybe, we have to be convinced by the special force of “sense”. If we try to compare happiness in relative ways with others, we lose our mind with bad thoughts about jalousy, greed and deny. That’s not a positive attitude which don’t enable opening stories with others. He meant and gave perspective to happiness (and quest for) in underlining the “way”, the “process”, as a source of happiness itself. In other words, “don’t focus only on the result, but feel and appreciate the way to go there”. A perfect and slow ongoing way to learn and give a chance to any milestone, any few snap thing that “makes” the way.
And I found a reason to link this particular and hectic approach, to innovation, like a process.
I tried here to compare the acquisition and race for happiness, with models and behaviors confronted with choices of innovation, with two axes: return/pleasure on short term and pleasure/return on long term.
  • First Quadrant : “Rat Race”…
…means focus on long term pleasure, never considering the way/process as interesting in getting/giving pleasure, as an ongoing flowing action. It supposes cash, strong settlements and long R&D windows of development, but rare entries on misc. activities in diversification. Devise could be “one day…maybe”, refusing elusive deals facing them prefering investing on framed, stronged and loud process. This could be pharmas’ models for example, confronted with security and sanity process, and the necessary R&D involvements. They like “hard innovation” but could refuse easy one…
  • Second: Slow Followers…
…will slow the flow, with a “no…no…” attitude, to secure cash and strategy. Focused on past success, they mean to wait the future window of opportunity…staring at competition, long after “crossing the chasm“. They often do one thing at-the-time, but stare at anything that moves, to create a perfect control tower, safe. They can draw lessons from the past, but are not really sure if chance, random or anything else that way, could be the exact final decisive point. They also make the mass-market coming and can lower the costs of delivering, by industrializing the mainstream approach. Not really sexy, but necessary. Me-too products for settled consumers, and old processing because “nothing worths it…”. Some behaviors bending on “too much realistic” and not enough disruptive mindset.
  • Third: Shooters…
…Everybody has ever known one in his own life: something/someonethat/who, can “woooot” you up, and make the spark in your eyes. A gun, a shooter, a big buzz. But once, only once. Focused on fashion, day-to-day, hedonism and sheer short-term gain. A star, who will never keep the distance. And that’s all the difference: big brands don’t make only big PR/buzz around products, services or deliverings. They stand and hold a position, for yesterday, now and tomorrow. Using your energy to bring news and buzz, will build a instant cash good deal, but doesn’t set you as a strong innovator. A lots of resources are managed and satisfied in the distance: customers, employees, machines, built-in processes…And as already described, running for an immediate goal, makes you in the blues and feel depressed, just after the victory. Like Champions…of one snap instant.
  • Last, but not least, of course, according to me, the most sustainable and sharable shape of innovation: I called “The HappInovators”,…
…as they make a perfect exercise between goals to achieve together, and ways to proceed. Exploring radical shifts yes, but keeping concentrate and realistic about the ability to make the change happen. the organization in small cells, with maximum collaborative spirit, turned into energy. The energy for being able to think “why do I do this (like I do it)?”, several times in an ongoing process until the why is irrelevant. But not before. The spirit of feeling, appreciate all the milestones leading to result, learning from them but having joy, tears, hurdles too to print the moment. Doing nothing for nothing, as each case and stone must be the opportunity to rule something for the future, allowing the company to rise faster tomorrow, and to innovate easily. Talent management has not to be hold anymore because the spirit of “doing things happen”, lead them to think out-of-the-box and boost themselves all the time. They are on scene at each moment and on the lights. Why consider some talents more than others as the whole part is a talents building site? And why should I consider driving innovation in happiness? Because customers could feel it in your service, deliverings and brand. Because all your talents will be really involved as never, almost spending much costs on motivation tools or controlling. Because disruption comes when you put all the environment ready to make it come. Because you won’t choose between “today” and “future” anymore, you’ll manage the perfect balance between both, allocating resources as well. Because you’ll go to work (or any step you can transpose this process), with smile on your face. And spreading it, will overcome your results and the buzz for your entity.
Plant seeds of happiness is more than plant: it gives you the better (pacific) weapon to compete much closer and quicker, with the participation of the whole company. Training sessions for employees to come will make a better place to work, live and deliver…Saw that famous case about Zappos‘ story? Just in case…

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When was the last time you’ve been “ethical”, aware and  happy to be?

If you spend more than a minute to find an answer, you’d better probably go on reading this short essay. Seems old temptations and reflexes have a long run to do with it. We live in a world of more and more “relations”, that have explosed with our ability and skill to contact “more” than “better”, in the social web. We browse social, we live in communities, share circles, tastes and advises…pushed by fear of being alone, mainstream and without any personality or footstep. And this situation drives us toward “more”, but in some surface relations. We may miss something, you know…

The essence and increasing need for ethics: business

Considering last crisis and their impact on populations (physics, mental and bankruptcy) and economics (banks, mainstream business, even countries), we should say “stop” to something, and be perfectly “in the know” for the threats and dangers of driving business without any barriers and control. And that’s “anyone’s job” to be careful about we lead business: I mean we are in this situation because moreoften, people say “it’s not my job” to be careful, and everybody gives the responsability to his neighbour, who does even the same…Time is now to step with attention, attention for our way of doing business, attention for whoelse does it as well. And obviously, it’ “anybody’s job” to take care of his whole circle of play. When nobody cares for nothing, the whole force of community doesn’t work anymore and behaves like individual decisions, without coherence. Professions like lawyers, doctors…have a kind of oath they can be proud of, and that gives them a strong frame of reference to drive their business, teaching what they’re supposed to do, and what they are not. As MBAs started their own process, I find it interesting as business leaders, before business, must have a clear circle of references in leading and managing teams, with ethics. Business you lead, business you’ll get. It’s exactly the same for teams, leaders must be the example on who they can mesure their achievement, pace and style. But moreover and beyond papers, books and process, our own mind should drive us to more humanity with the dance of doing business. Crisis know that, we know crisis but we forget really quickly in fact…Hurricanes make real disasters for people

Relations with new game : why Ethics always “pay” in the end?

Does it have to “pay”? I mean, relations don’t consist in a permanent exchange, comparing duties and rights. Relations mean a soft dance, where there’s a rolling conversation, with truth, trust, relevance and understanding. No need for reciprocity, introducing Seth G’s lichpin concept: “art is emotional labor, and emotional labor makes you an artist, spreading gifts, with no obvious returns”. I think way of praticing ethics (in any field) is like “spreading gifts and art” of believe in trust and strong basements for business (and yes sustainable social relations). Will it pay? none bucks, nor celebrity, just something more valuable: aknowledgements. You become “worthy”, trustable and someone with whom others want to meet, take insights from and have aside in negociations and relations.

The social and professional insights in Ethics

You could find this really boring, meanstream, past. Right. But none in fact, if you spend a few time wondering what can bring you value in life, right now…? Most insightful people are so artists in fact, none “workers”. Those who are gonna change something in way, behavior, thinking, ideas, those who dare something. Such creators do the difference and know how to bring value in ethical way, because it’s a whole and community movement that get everyone together in a group concept. Ethic becomes so a “way of creating” that it can’t be optional anymore: overtake personal ambitions, shareholders dreams and pressure, political games and spend our time on pure pleasure of bright, proud and useful brainwork with no underwords. For the sheer essence of creating something shifting the crowd, with high and clever insights, delighting the long way to participation and collaborative thoughts. Doctors engaged, lawyers have guides, business must drive its own excellence rules, to reborn trust and reliance in business relations and process. To see beyond “friends” of Facebook, friending and linking has a real sense, a relation asset that has to be done in the rules too: no tricks but tips, time is now to show us in real shape, even if the digital profiling helps us to hide, ethics is the better face we have to share…

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As I progress in the discovering of social platforms, I meet a whole group of evidences and assumptions, drawing a kind of “best practices” or “most encountered”. And it shapes as the long way of spending time to build something strong and sustainable. I tried to underline the long tail to truth and trust, that magnify the social network pleasure. and compared players as “assets”, who valued, time, participation and relevance to build global community value.

On my way, I borrowed some elements to BCG, and famous matrix for companies’ portfolio, to make a similar research between players, engagement and value (even if I don’t really like the term for a free global chain of collaboration). We can find some common facts with “influencers”, in the way participation seems to be quite in relation with popularity and influence, as soon as there is relevance in sharing and talk. Don’t forget before act, listen is the first key to understanding the global noise…

I found 3T as key concept to build and walk into social engagement: Time that goes, Trust which raise as you are relevant and reliable, and Truth. But where does start truth? And when does it trigger, in the global involvement? Who is responsible of truth, and what gives us total control on it?

Everyone involved in such process has one day, crossed through this concepts of starting blind, taking direction in the dark forest of web links, RSS and informations. And Everyone may be recognized now in a complete profile or way. But one thing I know for sure: the most famous one is probably the quietest, spending time to “time”, and taking it to mesure each part of encountering and thinking. You can go fast and touch the stars, but also crash you down. Building trust needs time, and giving credit to “your” truth too.

As you can stare, there’s probably a long tail too for relations…those who can count on. Social media means at start, discovering, listening and staring lots of noise, events, posts and information. Some you can hate, some you can like. But anyway this is not the most important thing to bear in mind. What we can stand is that at this step, lots of people don’t go on and vanish. On 10 people, there’s probably 3 who continue their quest and maybe only 1 who can stay in a long term investment…That means lots of dead end and “lost” time…I used quotes as I don’t really think it, because any path can learn you something, that can be used one day.

Leaving the first step needs humility, in starting the conversation: finding relevant topic, adding ideas that raise the debate and giving al for nothing. World of exchange, without any “return on investment” mindset, that’s the long story of growing influence. Influence you sometimes wait for a long time and like a boomerang, comes back to your ears: your first “friend”. The one who comment and found attention to your thoughts.

First dead end: blacklist, bulshit and boring people. You met them, and wish they leave, kind of forrest gump 2.0, lots of troubled guys who pollute the sheer timeline of conversation. Yes, it’s an entertainment too, but spamming for fun (eg as fun is sometimes too individual…and may be misunderstood) spread some fog about the collaborative efficiency. I won’t speak about blacklisted (spammer, followers hunters, robots?, rude people or “no limit” behaviors). Stop. They stopped themselves, killed, suicided.

But you may prefer the royal way, gearing up your condition, finding your vocation and spending time enough to have a rocket path to heaven: if you work in PR or decide to use blogs and communities for your own carrier, you can become a star…A-list influencers get there quickly, but this needs a lot of investments:

  • be relevant “best shot at best time” and learn how to improve it
  • find the good viral spots: you have to show they are right to trust you
  • be “liked”, guess like the famous FB button
  • always listen and reward your audience: many thanks, RT or spreading the news…for nothing of course
  • share, share and share: “dare web square for share”; don’t miss an opportinity to be useful and help someone in request or trouble…

I could (you can comment too) add bunches of others things you should do…but there’s one that you must not miss: be yourself. there’s nothing more boring that discovering a hidden (bad) face/side, having been faked…some taste of bitterness that never goes out. But that’s life, you might be exposed to.

I would like now make a short trip, next to “social capital”, that helps you to swim easily in these oceans. I’ve been whispered and somekind, blowed with a new wind of “socialization”. Carried with the new “whuffie effect” book from Miss Rogue (called Tara Hunt in real life, from Canada), blogging at horspigcow(dot)com. No, not with animals, but with her verse of social capital, kind of never ending asset we can grow with. Another way to discover the power of human relations, growing inside that can move mountains in fact, if we train it and know how to get the best with it. Still there, no particular rule but be perfectly straight, honest and right with your audience, never trying to exploit it without agreement and rewards in someways. Is this the new asset, if we can really talk about “assets”? I would say yes while it’s a long time run, and asks lots of time to see the sparkle of enlightment…And that’s why lots of fellows give up before…Don’t confuse “speed of reaction” of web interactions with be too in the hurry…

And then comes the real path…poetic, chaotic and progressive, it drives you step after step to different horizons and levels that give you piece of experience: experience is a fuel that addicts you to more and reveals sometimes a hidden face of your personality (tip: second lives in gameplays…). This way is set with several encounters, informations and aggregations that build your own circle of influence, your “X-ray” footprint in network walks. A fairy tale? Maybe. A tale? Sure if you decide to be a storyteller too, giving others the best, with nothing to give but enthusiasm, kindness and experience. It took time to build web network infrastructures, standards and wires. It takes time to play with it, even if speed and our ability to zap is increasing, digesting more for more is crap. Time to get Trust, Time to tell the Truth. and Time to enjoy being in a tremendous network, spreading thoughts and opinions. For real, for fun and for mankind.


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Copenhagen was a whole oxygen space for billions of people, staring at most powerful leaders in the world, who was trying to be closer in their thoughts, minds and actions. Netherless there was some intentions, concrete resume can’t be a real success, comparing the objectives, proposed by European Union. These was guided by three main goals to target:

  • 20% raising of energy efficiency
  • 20% raising in using of renewal energies
  • 20% share of biofuels in renewal ones

These “20 gimmick” shares, were part of a whole plan, with:

  • energy efficiency
  • reduction of fossil fuels and energies
  • raise of renewal energies
  • reduction of nuclear energy use
  • progress in carbon capture and storage
  • a hope for reduction of CO2 emission

Meanwhile some tried to build a newer energy power, through kind of treaty, commitments and negotiations, there was a rising trouble, born between US and China: one, showed by everyone for king of pollution and wastes, other rising power country, that want to have a share of voice, in its early industrial revolution and its need for energy consumption. While US lead world development since years, and lead then, the largest emissions of CO2, China doesn’t want to be the good boy, staring now others say “you’re gonna avoid any CO2 emission, because world standards need to”. That was a kind of request out of Copenhagen, and any dealer of the conference, agreed with a so soft commitment: “all elements have been notified and noted in order to…”. So what?
EU has been marginalized in all the Copenhagen process: it started well, with such lots of initiatives, EU could have been kind of moderator, looking at BRIC moves and hopes, and US gentleman style, trying to cope with issue of credit crunch and giving a new start for economy.
Nethertheless, the next big thing is maybe the famous carbon tax, which project has been impulsed by France, in order to regulate carbon production and tax bad boys. Yes, this project is gonna make some noise inside and outside EU, because it released the relations in commercial exchanges, and distribute new way to produce and deliver: cost will be added to farest products, in the benefit of local ones. A kind of disguised protectionism, when no one wants to hear about it, fearing of old rules of commerce.

What will be the result of such an idea? probably silent war of preferring local consumption, that almost constitutes a step forward for carbon footprint reducing, but also a threat and unbalanced issue on commercial exchanges with EU, and INSIDE EU too. A kind of “reason to give up” other good resolutions. And maybe organization of local controlled power units, trying to survive or to develop substitute economies.
Fortunately, investments in cloud computing, directly driven by explosion of web 2.0, will be a sunset to energy consumption reducing. Progress in technology, can drive us to energy care, efficiency and more chip power. And it’s here, from dawn we can appreciate efforts of cooperation in research and development, with multi-cultural teams in the world. And consume our “CO2.0”, well new dressed!

Still remain 3 victories in this huge giants meeting: commitment on lowering 2 celsius degrees average temp on earth, financing up to $100b to reduce CO2 emissions and wastes, and REDD pact, leading to reduce large deforestation and giving a chance to new fields of trees. That starts a range of hope, but still stands lot to do: maybe China and US, in a single voice, happy to load again with EU, to the next banquet for green success. And that must be with the whole support of citizens, forgetting their own interests, for earth’s sake…

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