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You probably remember about M. McLuhan’s theories about media, considering what we mostly hold from an exposure to a “message”, through a “media”, is the media itself, more than the message…Strange but finally, and even it’s more complicated than this simple figure, it shows us the increased complexity of our brain. But now and there, this is not the main item I would like to talk about, but transpose the results in the 2.0 era. But not only. I mean, it’s not only in 2.0 features we could find, what I’m gonna explain.


The rising period where information comes and goes from nowhere, and is spread everywhere by everyone leads to a global cloud of too much information. Different shapes, times and screens, devices, breaks…All around us increases the risk for mistake, misinformation or hoax, disturbing our ability to think about the content and the essence of the message. As we try to navigate into this misfit ocean, we’re usually lazy to get the facts and go to easiness: listen to a famous, well-known star, influencer, relevant speaker and so long. So we get more from “who” than really from “what” or “how”. Here we go, listening a kind of information guru, waiting for holy words, who we don’t remind after. The only thing we can recognize or remember is probably “who” told us, more than the content of the message itself. An incredibly worrying and disappointing fact that means a lot for advertisers. The same effect leading to be aware of “people” like potential medias, the same that creates “value” for people, like medias did before. Why bloggers and influencers are probably difficult to touch/to buy let us more aware of the real contents they deliver: is it because they are famous that contents they provide are interesting or do they really deliver smart contents? Which makes sense?


I do strongly believe we more and more paying attention to who says, than really in the delivered content…A kind of subtile way to believe in icons, influencers, experts moreover but meaning that we must pay double attention to “noise” or information. Elements are probably guided more by the vehicle than the debate. So, the next time, simply ask yourself “whose benefit it is”, and dig deeply to sort what kind of information do we facing, and in the end, who delivered it…Guess you’ll have surprise how naive we can be, when we’re stunned by a so called “expert” and how much we can easily agree without using our brain. The easiness of flow in twitters, blogs, rss…find us in front of the “crowded mass of information”, and who is better than a well known “people” to secure ourselves? Maybe our last instinct of sanity, trying to keep our mind and critical ability enabled!

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Is a Star Modest ?

Well, it seems really simple and obvious, but is more complicated than it is, in fact. A “genuine star” is obliged to be. Because she passed through several years of representation, living in role playing, seduction and waiting for roles and contracts. She now, shines and exists, naturally. In silence, respect, with no reason and justify anything. She is admired, desired, and this is part of the job. No trick, no lies, no fake : She IS. By her existence, by pleasure and entertainment she brings. Her assets is endless, because she gives so, than she is modest.

But to head there, the rise doesn’t fake us : rare and alone, inaccessible and haughty people, of a star “in the becomming”, or one without any (!), it’s obviously not to be like anybody…! It’s also, have a skill, a rare skill, and prove it, show millions of people, how valuable is it, how feelings in being in front of somebody “different”, somebody special. Because we have to pay for it, most of the time, in higher levels…A Star is forced to be inaccessible, because she choose to be, it makes part of the profile, and then to be respected and have a quiet life. It adds mystery and singleness ; if not, everybody could be one of them !

TV build star factories ; some of them succeed, others are forgotten in minor jobs, and have their names in books no one reads…At start, they are virtual, and that’s probably why they are also inaccessible (!). And then, money enters the dance ; celebrity, shining places, tabloids, fame. They come back to modesty, because they made their way, and have nothing to prove anymore. But bulks create stars too. Fashion and nut peaks sometimes grip the wheel. We can make anybody in few hours a star and so quickly, shoot it down to final pit. It makes part of our dreams and fantasies. Just approached, but never touched ; just like an idol, an icon…an appearance ? And if it does not, we build ourselves some. It shows us the way, just like a guide.

Hey you Stars, take it easy : you are as you are, because you can choose to ; in life, we have always back what we gave…And modesty is what you sow too…

Any Star in the flow ?

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