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Second part now of three set, considering the effects on resources, driven by a “always-on” society, with:

  • dealing with HR 2.0 behaviors
  • ability to swap resources and change in more flexibles ways, any opportunity into a strategic purpose
  • what we can see in our daily lives with simple features at home: security, care, compliance, supply & information access, knowledge…
Being blinded or not aware of changes must not lead to definitive deafness to these changes: if you don’t know how the future will be, then draw it could be a better way to learn the unknown. And soon you’ll be caught with competitors, mates or neighboors who will change up your life…So don’t be late and choose to afford this incredible new twirl as your next friend.
  • HR puzzles with 2.0:
The story is that HR d’ont really know how to manage 2.0 because they don”t adapt their own process to such behaviors or platforms. Allow this new kind of collaboration need huge changes in organization: way to collaborate, share information, trust and be ready to “lose” at a glance, some time in prowling on social platforms. That starts with sensible things as secrecy rules in companies: who knows? Who can say and for which situations? How detect a strong reason to betray the company? How detect the bad mood and the dangerous viral spiral of silent revolution? Seems a long (now) time, since employees started to take in their own hands, their own destiny…and career. Why? Because talent management is often only a word in companies, just to feel good and appear like innovators…While turnover rises. Lots of social sites, allowing to rule and manage “people reputation” bloomed, lead by viral behaviors. Friending, linking at the speed of light make you happier than if you wait your next evaluation meeting with your busy manager, who will maybe listen (and hear) your requests…
  • Resources management:
Dealing with digital solutions and having a 2.0 company means a very flexible platform and mindset, at all levels: cost of work, flexibility of schedules and planning, multiskills profiles and so on. And it’s not supposed to be native and initially designed, with old models. We saw as HR are important to be stared on another point of view if companies want to succeed in transformation and exploit all the opportunities of flexibility. Now companies must fiond partners and stakeholders who can play the same game on the whole value chain, avoiding the fearing bottleneck. Tools like social platforms increase a lot tha ability to share, exchange and modify a process, on ongoing reaction and improvement, creating light sticking to core functions. And that reactivity makes a company more “time-to-market” and able to take opportunities on the long run, but with long tail targets too.
  • Home and life-as-usual appliances:
Having tested the whole chain of connectivity in professional environment makes you more exigeant and waiting for new things and bright applications at home. Linking all devices, wiring all the house and becoming a whole datawarehouse for the family, we all see the huge advantages for such a framework: data sharing, security, automatic warnings for intrusion, triggers, ovens piloting, freezing monitoring, and others “machine to machine” global assignments. Domotic verse 2.0 might make this huge sector rise as never done, with all abilities to connect, act and interactions that are now in fact, concrete. Easiness, care and customization allow techs learning and acceptation more possible than ever.
Creating and framing the future, but for what?
Stay tuned for the third and last part, with “outcomes/outputs driven by connectivity” on the same channel…

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Loyalty is in the end a very important part of the value of any relation. Build a trusty system means years of taming and needs lots of efforts and demonstration on how you can deliver promises, and keep them alive in a long term. This concept stands with any part of modern communication and relation and rise with it. We can quote “loyalty calls loyalty”, when we see that the most loyals subjects do, because they like and spread it. While we’re facing a big shift in the way brands speak to targeted customers and drive their whole relation, customer could be considered as less “loyal”. Because of his mobility, he becomes less “catchable”, I mean in advertising terms, underlining the new technologies that keep him alive “on” with the brand: mobile devices. The way we look at customers intentions and try to catch his “brain awareness” changes. In fact, could mobile be an awesome opportunity to enhance loyalty or a silent threat to lose audience?

The mobile facts: some figures worth more than long talks…(source: ITU)

  • more than 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world
  • nearly 1 billion has access to 3G services
  • mobile networks access: more than 90% of global population and 80% in rural zones
  • already thinking of 4G networks, increasing speed and services
  • web access will overtake PC and domestic devices (wired), within 5 next years
  • 450 millions users on web mobile, end of 2009 (IDC)

This “jack-in-the-box cumulated figures” means that any people on earth (nearly…) can receive a simple message from any brand that wants to catch him…got it? Hate or like? Chance or fear? I think everybody will (have to) find rules and own behavior and reaction with this new environment…

The Loyalty goodness

Loyalty seems to be an actual goal for everyone: brands, couples, retail, habits…Why? Because it costs far less to nurture and care an “established situation” with uses and automatic behaviors, than draw, seduce and attract new ones. True for customers, new comers, new process…and new husband/wife. Now living in a always wired era drives us to more “online” behaviors, acquired to lots of any information. These new habits mean that we’re more demanding about brand communication and customer care, even if we’re not customer yet. This eco-system, self-feeding situations seems to find a regulation with user generating content, added by any citizen, in mobile situation. The more we are touched by mobile communication, the more we’re in fact, tied softly to brands, increasing our silent loyalty and attachment to companies. Loyalty is key for long term forecasts and ongoing business models, that can improve portfolios for brands.

What we see is a necessary change on how you target customers: awareness is not captured like any other situation and needs accuracy, what I see: bad moment for a SMS is a dead-born message…Life duration of a SMS and our ability to use it is in fact, few seconds…snatch for catch is the real art and skill of mobile communication. Even with PDA spreading everywhere, majority is often limited in size, shape and kind of message your mobile device can manage. Intrusion is as bad as choose a bad moment to send your message: as mobile is personal, you can’t be wrong with your target. Any disruption between the message and the profile of the targeted customer and you will have a storm against you: the action will give you the exact upset situation for the brand…So be careful. Last but not least, “personal” means directly linked to the individual and you can pledge for mistake or misunderstanding, or hide behind bulk message: you are supposed to engage conversation and give arguments, if the customers speaks to you…as an individual people.

Virality is a perfect territory of expression to spread loyalty. But no pain, no gain. Spread loyalty in fact means no more but no less than spread trust, through your customers…So they engage them in a risk they were not obviously prepared to assume, and will shame you if you betray and show them, they were wrong to do so…Absolutely disappointed. For a long time. All your efforts blowed in a single SMS…? That worths to think twice before act…Mobile tagging (stickybits, u snap, shop savvy…), geolocalization (foursquare, plyce, gowallah, tellmewhere, waze…) are so cute ways to follow you (without being too intrusive first…) and hold the link and relation between a brand and a customer. A personal and mobile one.

The independance riot

Lots of things, reactions and strange behaviors told us in history to care about machines control…This holy link for brands can quickly become a nightmare for customers, because being in mobility means sometimes a moment of serenity and  is particularly “my moment”. Do I like to be disturbed? It may transform our attitude in a sharp reaction, the “action-reaction” of throwing away all our good intentions and thoughts about the so called “friend” brand. Do we want “independance” or do we like to be plugged “all-wired” entity? Are we supposed to be en “engaged consumer” at all prices and times, where does our engagement start and end, as any sign of further involvement means we do accept, assume (like?) the ongoing phenomenia of being followed with our cute device, as a personal spy, shouting more and more commercials…

This schizophrenic question and dilemma may drive to bunch of protestants fence, leading to a community riot, boycotting brands and company, products and attitude. By doing this, “Lots lost lots”, underlines the surgerical need to be very careful about the final goals and uses of mobile opportunities. Remember independance drove people to blogs, forums and parallel sources of information, where trust can be refound. And I think it’s dangerous to lose with impulsive actions, trust you spent months to build. Moreover when it’s for sales matters and start to be boring with the mobile target, that just wanted to go apart from the “promotion noise”…

Human is anything else than an independant and rarely wants to be linked, promised, as he never asked for. But being opti§n doesn’t mean everything is allowed though: like the butterfly effect, a small SMS can raise a viral revolution…

Drawing the necessary conclusions

Nothing is really grave or irreversible in fact. We have what we ask for, when we see such passion for mobile devices, it must be important for us not cut the link with anything…And remember there’s a switch off that can resolve conflicts and harassment. Use it anytime it’s necessary…Brands too, sometimes switch off, when you have some claims on the way…


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That is. You did it, you create your own profile, on one of these famous digital places. You started saying it loud, moaning around all your friends, family, jobmates, and so long; maybe some unknown people joined your personal circle (I hope so). And you decided to bring some content, to talk about your tastes, your creations, well your whole life, and start to nude you, in a public timeline…Yes you can. you’re in a digital world of trust, those which won’t give up, won’t let you down, never ever. Then you realized that you’re a hard producer, in fact…pictures, videos, music, creation, craftship, books, posts, human causes…toward a clever life, in community and human sanity. Yes, all that you never spoke about, you never tell anyone, all that matter you’re really proud to show to the gallery…your personal buddies gallery. Let’s see some of these magic sites, where you can publish and share, the shape of your heart and mind.

Here you can draw your personal profile, more efficient, in a funnier way…and find who seems to be like you, taste after taste, discovering the famous quote “who seems alike, links together…”. It’s unbelievable, such several people that feel like you thousand miles away: music, video, wine, parties…Just like a sacred database of potential friends who can teach and learn, to each other: information for a trip, product to buy, movie to see…a huge “Users Generated Advises/Tastes” that can make you saving time and money, and often having fun too. Yes fun, react, comment, give an advise, whatever, are lots of ways to make better digital meets, digital exchanges. Give life to something boring, without taste, find new interests in life. Share your interests and tastes for wine, books, trips and places, can give you new tracks of interests, parallels, similars, in the aim of upgrading your skills, knowledge and what you can learn about….you. You can post tags too, letting you find easily documents you prefer, and join groups, commited by similars interests, sometimes for happy few circles. Bring you new emotions, new hobbies and take part of “online games” of sharing stuffs, waiting for eyes of the world. I don’t really know hom much exchanges, posts, documents each day are created, but it’s not supposed to get overbooked yet. There’s always something to discover, to learn.

Take the tour, try one or several sites, first stare and hear people’s creations, you’ll quickly find your way in these friendly circles. Show you as you really are, don’t be afraid, prepare to be applaused and welcomen by citizens of the whole world. And don’t forget: listen to your heart, and trust the one you prefer: you.

You missed the #1 episode of this fabulous story? take a look here, and get your breath to stay in time for #3, that will speak about “what you say and what you write”, on evidencesx’s network of course.

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I felt into social media several months ago, and travelled a lot since, thoughout news, posts, apps and meets. I don’t remember how it began, but there’s one thing I know for sure, is that I’m feeling better. It’s not only a “logo” affair, there a wild industry out there, crowling and managing with people. Obviously, I didn’t have time to try all you can find on the web, but with some patience, accuracy and a taste of discovering, you can be surprised if you like to. I found a good book too, that helped me reshaping landscape, regarding these fields of no man’s land…It’s an awesome collection of what exists as social apps, sorted by country, it’s not supposed to be complete, but great and long job by An de Jonghe, I met in Belgium. Let’s take the cruise and fall into this weird trip with me and fellows I’ve met: The social apps. This is the first part of my secret journey, for you on evidencesx’s network.

#1: What you do and who you are, are not useful for everyone, but help you to show your real profile.

Why have you a large interest to show you on the web? Because you’re not alone, and lots of people want to know you better, want to find you for your speciality, want to give you a better job, want to buy your advices, well some obvious reasons to get into the race…without racing. There’s nothing to win or lose, but to be there, exist, and give a vision of you in the most real profile; don’t cheat it’s dangerous, web’s going faster, the best goes fast, but the worst too…

You can find on this picture some of them that will help you, in the following weeks. You’re not registered? Run and choose one or more of them. You sign up, log in and start you personal story: personal profile, professional situation, skills, hobbies, education, who you know, what you can say about them (recommendations, endorsements). Your professionnal life, experiences, companies, responsabilities and jobs, will help people to shape your pro life, keeping you in a jobs network. Then start searching your next first followers: family? friends? jobmates? people you want to meet, talk? but respect the rules: everybody  has to fight “spam-sport” and mail-invasion-attitude; as soon as the mail has been created, people strangely recovered writing ability again, because of fluent facility to do it. Sendind anything, despite the target…but the target is you too, think about it, before approaching anyone: what can you bring to other people, they don’t have/need? Why have they an interest to know you (better)? As you’re regular, polite and not too noisy people, jump and try, there’s a lot to learn and share. You’ve just created your first circle of trust, that is going to follow you all your digital life…and maybe will share all your professionnal goals, emotions, success. And maybe will help you to find others on the next step, by endorsing people you know, by experiences you had with them; don’t hesitate to comment profiles you liked, another rule is that when someone recommended you, you’re so kind to send back the compliment. Someone that is involved in recommendations, is open to contacts and careful about peoples, and we speak here about human relations…people you tamed will give you access to their own circle and then, yours will enlarge…

Finally, after circles of trust, you can join groups, sorted by envies, skills or profiles, to focus on the things you like more, targeting your time and audience in a more accurate way.

convinced? no more? try, it’s easy, takes two minutes and free. Get leveraged as ever, boost your reputation, deal with the best, and live with your time. You can even surprise your children, those who have digital blood since they are born…

Let’s stay wired, don’t zap, no ad screen, no boring screen fail, soon for the #2 episode of these amazing stories on social board: what you like and what you share.

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