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That is. You did it, you create your own profile, on one of these famous digital places. You started saying it loud, moaning around all your friends, family, jobmates, and so long; maybe some unknown people joined your personal circle (I hope so). And you decided to bring some content, to talk about your tastes, your creations, well your whole life, and start to nude you, in a public timeline…Yes you can. you’re in a digital world of trust, those which won’t give up, won’t let you down, never ever. Then you realized that you’re a hard producer, in fact…pictures, videos, music, creation, craftship, books, posts, human causes…toward a clever life, in community and human sanity. Yes, all that you never spoke about, you never tell anyone, all that matter you’re really proud to show to the gallery…your personal buddies gallery. Let’s see some of these magic sites, where you can publish and share, the shape of your heart and mind.

Here you can draw your personal profile, more efficient, in a funnier way…and find who seems to be like you, taste after taste, discovering the famous quote “who seems alike, links together…”. It’s unbelievable, such several people that feel like you thousand miles away: music, video, wine, parties…Just like a sacred database of potential friends who can teach and learn, to each other: information for a trip, product to buy, movie to see…a huge “Users Generated Advises/Tastes” that can make you saving time and money, and often having fun too. Yes fun, react, comment, give an advise, whatever, are lots of ways to make better digital meets, digital exchanges. Give life to something boring, without taste, find new interests in life. Share your interests and tastes for wine, books, trips and places, can give you new tracks of interests, parallels, similars, in the aim of upgrading your skills, knowledge and what you can learn about….you. You can post tags too, letting you find easily documents you prefer, and join groups, commited by similars interests, sometimes for happy few circles. Bring you new emotions, new hobbies and take part of “online games” of sharing stuffs, waiting for eyes of the world. I don’t really know hom much exchanges, posts, documents each day are created, but it’s not supposed to get overbooked yet. There’s always something to discover, to learn.

Take the tour, try one or several sites, first stare and hear people’s creations, you’ll quickly find your way in these friendly circles. Show you as you really are, don’t be afraid, prepare to be applaused and welcomen by citizens of the whole world. And don’t forget: listen to your heart, and trust the one you prefer: you.

You missed the #1 episode of this fabulous story? take a look here, and get your breath to stay in time for #3, that will speak about “what you say and what you write”, on evidencesx’s network of course.

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