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Social web and the new play for information has scrambled rules of former process for distribution of power and information. The simple idea, in thinking that “one”, at the peak of the pyramid can hold now all the power is so stupid…And this concept may be extended to “A-list”, so called influencers, while we figure out and dream that they can decide for your future (eg your company or your products), or decide of your life or death. In fact, we must not focus on this dumb fake reality, not that they are not listened or respected, nor they don’t have any influence, but they don’t have the monopole of spreading the buzz. And some may be more effective than ever…You see? You guess? You bet?

You. You as a customer, as a simple citizen. Anyone has a circle of reference, value and thinking and influence his own private circle. And that’s the mass, the so called “mass marketing” that can be more effective and buzzing, than a happy few “top of pyramid”, who turn around together, recycling their ideas, comfortable with a “kind of mindset”, sometimes unplugged from reality. As you start to meet some social nodes, you’re in contact with a whole ecosystem of information, that leads you in a kind of influence as well. And those little stones you grow make a silent but strong way to a certain kind of influence. Fastcompany tried to mesure the randomize influence of lots of people, in launching the influence project.

ThoughtLead, another social agency organized the shortest trial, for influence thinking, in creating shots for 60 influencers, in short talks or thoughts, for a 60 minutes session. Another way to spread quickly a fast debate on many influencers mindset.

What I found in all these projects is that small groups around a simple topic get their way to a particular sport of influence…So big bloggers can drive you fast and high, but there’s nothing more efficiency than the “long tail of influencers”. Finding your own local circle of passion, chat and meetings can assure you a long and constant effect, sustainable. And that’s brighter than a short shot with a passing star: could a “A-list” start remind you, even if you spend a while with him/her? I probably say no. Influence is a complex concept, that means that the thing to be influenced is ready for it, and the noise and environment too. Readiness of the market and regular word-of-mouth with local folks can rise you far ahead. Buzz is so unpredictable that you’d rather trust on constant and flowing network than stars that shine only one day…Remember next time you’ll meet a A-star, not to wait too much, but taking a good time, as any link to your personal network: you’ll receive only what you’ll give.

Chris Brogan’s work brings a stone more on this tricky subject as influence. The way is really long to build, grow, maintain and in some ways, moderate such communities. But it’s for sure, worthy, more than one star encounter and fill your inheritage of spreading the news and the buzz. How? Simply by doing what you like…sharing, listen and take part of this worlwide silent long tail of knowledge. Brian Solis himself, engages ourselves in a total “bliss”, considering influence as the ability to cause desirable and measurable actions and outcomes”. And so different than popularity that consists only on a passing action, that not stays no more in our minds. Influence is when people talk about you and your outcomes, your thoughts or ideas, making them spread. Popularity is a static concept as you may be appreciated, but not “retweeted”, not viralized…And that makes all the difference between one shot and a long, ongoing action…

In this forest of “friends”, forget about the so called leaders and follow your intuition to build your own 6-degrees-of-separation scale of influence. And start by doing your best as a link to listen and spread any comment, thought ou idea you find interesting. Influence is not a passive state but a real job…in building strong and sustainable relations with active and solidary members. The human web is endless link to more humanity, friendness and care for others. Influence starts as you do something for free…just for pleasure. A viral pleasure.


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It is. We’re facing a new world, a world that shapes itself, confronting our abilities, but our failures too. We used to live with “leaders” showing the way, inspiring us and guiding the bulk to success and notoriety. If it’s just like to be more confident, it used to show limits in the efficiency to novelty and renewal. Last article from Nancy Lublin at Fastcompany, described a whole period of charismatic leaders, forgetting teams and organization. Time is now to recover the thrill for working in team project, creation task forces and so long.

Times are changing because we’re changing. Times makes us changing, in the race for competitiveness, strong competition between old established players, and new generation with new ways of thinking, new methods, and new mindset: be considered. Nothing else but being an active part of the company, building the success and the future, with the whole group, being understood and listened, because intelligence and initiative can be shared, with pleasure, motivation and success.

We even can think that in 140 characters, collaborative thoughts, can be more productive than ever. Staring at design, and lots of bright conferences like TED, Lift, SXSW and so much more, seems that bunch of people try to reinvent and innovate, with design, entertainment and technology. Taking some times to draw what changed in someway, found myself in the know: leading is not only sourcing ideas, deciding all and give the bad steps to teams. “followers” as they could be called in the past, are the essence of the creation, in the way, nothing could be done without execution. Let’s see as “things” are done now, in a more complex and collaborative processus than ever:

Then, what HAS to change: the way we can choose our working environment, workmates, lean management and some “freedom way of working and doing the things we are payed for”. And we can see huge and successful companies use to do it, as they are involved in waiting more participation, creation from their employees, because they let them doing so, encourage them and set some moments to do it true.
Social revolution is not an ordinary change. It’s an unusual way of mobilize huge parts of power, mavens and motivation, organized with heart, sensibility and trust. And that’s not usually found in modern companies, while matricial organisation and too much levels of management lead to complicated and centralized process of “making things”. But innovation needs to be close to customers, reactive and accurate listening of “what’s going on” to get all the juice from the efforts. The question now, is “how do we get the best juice, with motivation and without negative stress?

While diversity can be a awesome fuel design to innovation, organization of decision, thinking, ordering and planning is too. Now, tools, platforms, networks exist, are useful and need to be used with professionalism. To do so, HR have to make their own revolution, and allow using them, behalf the company’s welfare. Too many executives mistrust social web (Facebook, Twitter…), because they don’t want to understand it, think it’s wasting time, worst when they think it’s giving secret information to competition. Nevertheless it’s a never ending source of learning, sharing and confronting ideas, projects and know-how. Hr, yes, but management too. Leading doesn’t only mean “deciding” but showing direction more than deciding the whole picture.

Isn’t it more pleasant for a leader, to be chosen to support a main innovation, speak about it and be the respected tycoon who allows everything behalf his teams? Or be the tyrant who struggles innovation with narrow mindset?

Now, it’s time to chose who you want to be, and where you want to work. For all, be the reason to change, be the modern guru of managers social revolution…

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It’s while and coincidential time when I’ve spent few days in Morocco with my wife, I’ve been indeep facing another social activism. Concrete and alive, I was exposed to an amazing human “machine”, and I was each time wondering if I didn’t fell into a kind of Matrix like, or the other side of social web networks. Why ?


Marrakech place, for I’ve been there several times, adding others towns in Morocco, is a place where everything is possible ; you can find and do anything till your imagination can run. How ? by an invisible network, which starts with a need (but sometimes no need for a need  !), and drives you to solution, in a fraction of time. At any time of the day or the night. Ask for anything, someone, by the magic of some fees, can do it for you. With the whole service and beyond, kindness and love of being an important link to your desire. Just like if you ask a question on twitter, you sometimes don’t know how and when the answer arrives, but it does. A weird live human wire, which never stops, for a strange all long dance, movement, thousands of asks and bids, thousands of digital human bits, the biggest calculator-computing ever faced. I don’t have any pretention about it’s all exclusive in the world, but it is real and exists. 

In Marrakech, all is simplified field, to forget you spend money, how you spend your time, and how you arrive to any result. Just goal, fun and customer satisfaction. Some, in several “evolved” countries may learn about that. The way how problems mute to solutions, in a few seconds and without any particularly difficulties, is amazing. An invisible perfectly staffed and organized, always there, straight to any desire, to make your life more simple and enjoyable. No time for trouble or worry, just pleasure. Sheer emotions, just perfumes, smells, noises and tastes. Web without spiders, with oriental angels who are working for you, the “choukran” network…

I love Morroco, I’ve been there more than 25 times, for work, pleasure and so long. It’s maybe the greatest mutation ever met in last years, on how modernization, culture spreading, IT evolvement ; unfortunately, crowd rest on diet, food and suppliances missing ; fracture between heath and poverty rises. And it should not, because of currency bring–in, if there was some kind of fair sharing ; several years with education changes and employment improvement, may change the doom, if people gives a hand for.

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