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Next step for awesome travel with web buddies, here we are in the third cut: saying, writing are two other ways to show you who you are, and share what you think. The same rules are here, don’t forget respect, chatting, open mind oriented, and you’ll get more other friends next.

You started, everybody begins to know some things, some personal things about you, but you only “showed” people, these things, without any comment or two ways relation. It’s time to choose other places to grave your destiny, your digital picture into real facts. Express yourself, tell it to the world, get into new applications, to spread your life, your thoughts, advises, shouts, reactions. You’re more alive…

Right. You jumped what you considered as alien lands, unknown realms, managed your fear and shiness, there’s nobody really dangerous or rude. Life gives you what you are, what you gave, invested in each other. You can push the limits in hiring energy in nature, elements and behaviors. You are, in a kind of way, master for your doom, choosing the path you decided, in the speed of your learning face.

Choose between, write, draw, speak or post…there is a solution for everybody, each of these ones, shaped to your personality, surrounding and feeling. For more “lazy” people, short mood or informations, micro-bloggings like Jaiku, Twitter, Plurk or Pownce. Collect your contacts, hearing them, say what you think, from web or mobile, and when you’re ready, get into your personal dairy: your blog. If you find something you want to share, let’s make it in front window, to catch the attention of timeline. Make it real, don’t break the world voice and the spirit of humanity. Get your kicks ready for foolish ventures, you’ll never forget anymore. Don’t forget to put links to other’s masterpieces to complete your subjects, and get other visions of your favorite topics. While you learn and are active in some communities, you can link your blog to other communities, and post, comment directly too. Use socialmediatoday, social networks around the world, mybloglog, share your favorite subjects and get advises from the best bloggers or contributors in social life. You will never regret, if you do the job and respect the rules of social media. There’s nothing to hide, be yourself, be nature. Reading and writing stories, about you and your life, interest for sure lots of people, don’t be doubtful. It’s just a matter of time to leave your fingerprints – no no, not hollywood boulevard place yet! -, in the PR rates, and quickly, your story will appear in SEO results…

When you provided enough contents about you, invite your friends to discover it…you’ll have so much surprises, and your friends too…So many personality dark faces you hide until this moment, suddenly appear by light, to everybody. Yes, you succeed too, to make your own strip-tease…A kind of real life psychology exercise for yourself. With lots of fun, entertainment and meets. when you’ll be a must contributor, you’ll be able to track the next applications and widgets, that improved your “juice” on social fields…

Ready for the next session ? don’t miss #4 “who I know and who know me”, on Evidencesx’s network, of course !

And for those who missed the first episodes, you’ll find them on recent archives, there#1 and there#2

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