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When WWW was built, it was nothing else than a private, closed and scientific network to share and exchange files, articles, in a steady rythm. Fair enough. From Tim Bernes-Lee’s Arpanet to Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn who created TCP/IP protocol, everything was done in a “scientific, military, professional” approach, for few users in fact. And from a couple of hundred scientifics to 2,4 billions users, let’s say there’s probably a huge gap…And the emergency to rebuild something different, from scratch or in incremental way, but reboot the system. Some say that the only IPv6 solution (eg that solutes the problem of the exponential needs for IP address) is already a titans’ work…And don’t believe it will be possible to start from zero, and recreate something more efficient.

The experts say there’s challenges that this new “web” must overcome, as:

  • security: inside and bornbuilt security systems to avoid firewalls and sustain authentification, without identity hacking
  • mobility: only the network counts, as you’re mobile, you never have to be unplugged by ruptures in the different networks/rates. content everywhere, anytime, anydevice and without any interruption
  • resources: always find the best way with less consumption to deliver content
  • multilanguages: to improve the writing, characters and different signs in any language
  • repetition: push messages on several networks at-a-time

wwwNo need to say that facing these big issues, the former structure of Internet is not sufficient anymore. And different theories with for example, IP concepts that identified localised adress more than identity, or identify contents or services more than machines. Internet may be tomorrow a single highway more than a network of networks, which was the spirit of the begining. And has to be more “fluent” and flexible, dealing with the huge amount of datas and contents that goes every day all around the world. The future is in creating emergency roads, to double and increase the different ways to deliver datas rate, called “redondance”, and give up with old IP notion: enhance security and hold the real identity online, through a personal adress, linked to people/place (eg mobile) more than device. A very interesting journey and project, and we know it worths all over the efforts to get there.






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I remember economics lessons with game theory, thinking everything was linked and causaly dependant, with other’s decisions. An awesome ocean of decisions for who want to bet, play and guess about some kind of destiny. Destiny that can worth millions of money, and write a whole history.

Prowling in the deep tracks of social web drive us to some unknown discoverings, that could be helpful to “think out of the box” and reborn some innovation. Hazard encounters, thematic speech and exchanges build our mindset for new reflexions. And that must exist now, to fuel the future. Even if it’s “only” tools, networks and fields, the path to social encounters, crossroads to information and access to knowledge means that there’s a kind of strategy, that could be reworked again and again. While lots of companies still don’t know which stategy is right or wrong, and wait for the first mover to come to follow tracks, mathematics of Nash equilibrium say us that a decision has a price: a price to pay, a price to receive, according to our choice.

This figure shows quickly how brands/companies (eg A and B), fight for a strategy move, and wonder each other decision, while they don’t have any information of other intentions. You’ll see that according to choices done, the expenses and revenues are not obvious to be equal…We make the hypothesis that each company can’t communicate and tell the other his intention (it would be illegal consensus, you know…a forbidden behavior in business world). It’s the business game, not only a fake matrix, every day, companies bet about which competitor is going to move, and which decision each is gonna take. Thrills, risks and grinding faces. One way to escape is for sure invest and create an free ocean of playing, enlarging the value levels or creating new levels of service for existing key factors: going wide far, to create a blue ocean. This allows to take decision considering the competition field and create new rules, win new customers or draw a new market.

And networks? Did you ever wonder how information flow in the “social web” and the contact network? Can we make parallels and comparisons with the decisions taken in business matrix, so far. Do I have to accept this new “friend” and if yes, what will it change in the spread of my network and access to new segments of knowledge? And if I say no, what will I miss, avoiding me from new informations, that could increase my competitive advantage…?

Not a game…Not really sure. Life is a game, business is a game, rules for sure, rules to come. Still, we have to trust our sheer pulses to make sense, out of these “matrix”. Because life with rules doesn’t mean “only” matrix and decisions are often taken without any relevant and concrete bases…Yes it’s true, according to serious players…there’s sometimes no evidence for decision making, and there’s still a large ocean for impressions, feelings and thanks for a long time…

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I felt into social media several months ago, and travelled a lot since, thoughout news, posts, apps and meets. I don’t remember how it began, but there’s one thing I know for sure, is that I’m feeling better. It’s not only a “logo” affair, there a wild industry out there, crowling and managing with people. Obviously, I didn’t have time to try all you can find on the web, but with some patience, accuracy and a taste of discovering, you can be surprised if you like to. I found a good book too, that helped me reshaping landscape, regarding these fields of no man’s land…It’s an awesome collection of what exists as social apps, sorted by country, it’s not supposed to be complete, but great and long job by An de Jonghe, I met in Belgium. Let’s take the cruise and fall into this weird trip with me and fellows I’ve met: The social apps. This is the first part of my secret journey, for you on evidencesx’s network.

#1: What you do and who you are, are not useful for everyone, but help you to show your real profile.

Why have you a large interest to show you on the web? Because you’re not alone, and lots of people want to know you better, want to find you for your speciality, want to give you a better job, want to buy your advices, well some obvious reasons to get into the race…without racing. There’s nothing to win or lose, but to be there, exist, and give a vision of you in the most real profile; don’t cheat it’s dangerous, web’s going faster, the best goes fast, but the worst too…

You can find on this picture some of them that will help you, in the following weeks. You’re not registered? Run and choose one or more of them. You sign up, log in and start you personal story: personal profile, professional situation, skills, hobbies, education, who you know, what you can say about them (recommendations, endorsements). Your professionnal life, experiences, companies, responsabilities and jobs, will help people to shape your pro life, keeping you in a jobs network. Then start searching your next first followers: family? friends? jobmates? people you want to meet, talk? but respect the rules: everybody  has to fight “spam-sport” and mail-invasion-attitude; as soon as the mail has been created, people strangely recovered writing ability again, because of fluent facility to do it. Sendind anything, despite the target…but the target is you too, think about it, before approaching anyone: what can you bring to other people, they don’t have/need? Why have they an interest to know you (better)? As you’re regular, polite and not too noisy people, jump and try, there’s a lot to learn and share. You’ve just created your first circle of trust, that is going to follow you all your digital life…and maybe will share all your professionnal goals, emotions, success. And maybe will help you to find others on the next step, by endorsing people you know, by experiences you had with them; don’t hesitate to comment profiles you liked, another rule is that when someone recommended you, you’re so kind to send back the compliment. Someone that is involved in recommendations, is open to contacts and careful about peoples, and we speak here about human relations…people you tamed will give you access to their own circle and then, yours will enlarge…

Finally, after circles of trust, you can join groups, sorted by envies, skills or profiles, to focus on the things you like more, targeting your time and audience in a more accurate way.

convinced? no more? try, it’s easy, takes two minutes and free. Get leveraged as ever, boost your reputation, deal with the best, and live with your time. You can even surprise your children, those who have digital blood since they are born…

Let’s stay wired, don’t zap, no ad screen, no boring screen fail, soon for the #2 episode of these amazing stories on social board: what you like and what you share.

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An acausal principle. Jung said this about “synchronicity”, years ago, in a book, tempted to penetrate the mysterious ways of…things unexplicated. By artefacts, figures, weird theories, he brings us new demonstration about causes and effects, and most important, effects without visible causes…I was caught and hooked by, walking along the pages of this book, watching around me for nervous reasons. Throughout meaningfull coincidences, I discovered new fields, parallels to classical science of probability. This book changed my life (as many others, I agree…). It’s not all day you can obviously stare things that can’t be, with a logical eye. Things that can’t be observed in normal physics laws, events that are non-caused connected, with the idea that this does not mean that they don’t exist, but probably that they need another angle of vision, breaking away all our uses, and brain organization.

I always ask myself of what drove me to social computing…Progress, modernity ? web opportunities ? I had first and always liked social human relations. Why did I have to go to social computing ? I had friends, was on a cloud with family, used to be a classical, polite and perfect business mate with my team, boss, wherever I worked. So why ?

Maybe, it’s like another mystery, as when you live a situation, thinking you already lived, just like forecast the future…I know, now, there’s something else. Invisible, invicible, linked to this former theory ; I hate coincidences, in the way that they don’t exist anymore for me, while this book’s running through my mind. It’s no hell possible, it’s too easy avoiding another possible reality, give up with fear. Some of you will refugee behind religions, others behind chance, doom…coincidences ?

What drives us to social meet, links, read…hazard ? mouth-to-ear ? recommandations ? Anybody has ever clicked on something, prowling along web sites, pages, encounters, with no idea where to go ?

I’m convinced other forces drive us sometimes, in destiny, without having conscience we choose. And that’s an interesting new, for me. Being sure that nothing is sure. That I can learn, hear, be surprised, without having any idea of how it arrived, without any obsession of how many followers/friends I have. Discovering new fields, new goals, make us raise and go ahead. Not living in fear, trust another brotherhood, writing ideas and confront them to bulk, having in mind each thing can take a different path, at each second. Be wrong and be proud of it, to learn from others, and win, like a small mouse, a victory on the black cat. And loop again, begin another story, with new features aliens, unknown people or old buddles…I always ask myself how everything of this, works, and turn round. The earth and creation’s mysteries in some way.

Finally, I didn’t remember how I came to this book, and that’s probably one of the reasons why I loved it. And written into.

“Let’s get us on the wave, carried by winds, flows and destiny, and enjoy it”


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It’s while and coincidential time when I’ve spent few days in Morocco with my wife, I’ve been indeep facing another social activism. Concrete and alive, I was exposed to an amazing human “machine”, and I was each time wondering if I didn’t fell into a kind of Matrix like, or the other side of social web networks. Why ?


Marrakech place, for I’ve been there several times, adding others towns in Morocco, is a place where everything is possible ; you can find and do anything till your imagination can run. How ? by an invisible network, which starts with a need (but sometimes no need for a need  !), and drives you to solution, in a fraction of time. At any time of the day or the night. Ask for anything, someone, by the magic of some fees, can do it for you. With the whole service and beyond, kindness and love of being an important link to your desire. Just like if you ask a question on twitter, you sometimes don’t know how and when the answer arrives, but it does. A weird live human wire, which never stops, for a strange all long dance, movement, thousands of asks and bids, thousands of digital human bits, the biggest calculator-computing ever faced. I don’t have any pretention about it’s all exclusive in the world, but it is real and exists. 

In Marrakech, all is simplified field, to forget you spend money, how you spend your time, and how you arrive to any result. Just goal, fun and customer satisfaction. Some, in several “evolved” countries may learn about that. The way how problems mute to solutions, in a few seconds and without any particularly difficulties, is amazing. An invisible perfectly staffed and organized, always there, straight to any desire, to make your life more simple and enjoyable. No time for trouble or worry, just pleasure. Sheer emotions, just perfumes, smells, noises and tastes. Web without spiders, with oriental angels who are working for you, the “choukran” network…

I love Morroco, I’ve been there more than 25 times, for work, pleasure and so long. It’s maybe the greatest mutation ever met in last years, on how modernization, culture spreading, IT evolvement ; unfortunately, crowd rest on diet, food and suppliances missing ; fracture between heath and poverty rises. And it should not, because of currency bring–in, if there was some kind of fair sharing ; several years with education changes and employment improvement, may change the doom, if people gives a hand for.

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