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You probably dream about a quiet place, a rest moment where you can muse and think about ideas, with no necessary goal. Or you would probably have some time, efficient time without being disturbed. No glory, fair enough, just simple life, we forgot. The fact is that, today, too many screens with interactive propositions that blink all over the day, make us fragile, distracted and less efficient. Times have changed, but not obviously for the single “better” side. We used to spend time, having time to discover, doubt, try while we are now, just interrupted, all over each single day. Is it this kind of life we need, want, desire to recover the ability to make good choices? Disturbed we are, troubled with no “cold time” to think deeply or work without being dissipated by ongoing commercials, “friends” requests or redundant news.
Oh I see and know what kind of subject I’m talking about. You probably didn’t have yet the conscient and awareness of it, but we’re immerged with digital signals, that we can’t deal with. Too many messages, too many occurencies, too many interruptions: and that’s the way you work more stressed, losing time anytime you’re disturbed, getting more and more difficulty to work efficiently with business matters, all along without being ongoing interrupted. That’s the sad way of “mainstream information”, a kind of flow you can’t stop and sort of, because it’s now to the reader to make his own opinion about contents and what he can stare at. That’s the bottomline of any “UGC”, where the reference is maybe hard to find and to believe. Can we believe all we receive? Can we trust anyone who “says”? And without even talking about the relevance of information, it’s about the whole “mass”, that flows on and on, every day.
We’re now living in a “microspaces” of times where we can spot, snap and do every little pieces of actions, like medias but like recipients too, where we swallow lots of datas…be careful to digest it!


Finally we could say that “interruption draws creativity, flexibility and curiousity”. So, our brain has just to “teach how to deal with it, like darwinism theory for survivance”. The fact is that no one can really say actually, if there’s a strong progress doing this or in the long term an inefficiancy driving business and modern work to a major change. May we dream of an enjoyable “empty space” soon, maybe not. Up to you, to suffer daily this pollution or change your behavior. Healthier, simplier searching for “better”, more than “more”. Remember it’s worthier to “be”, than to “have”…

Any experience so far, before burning out? Share it quickly…

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Bridges to Heaven

Bridges make part of our dreams. Always have. When I was young, I stayed hours in front of building sites, watching cranes and trucks manage with ground and elements. Who have never dreamed of, drive some huge trucks and be a modern ranger, drawing tracks, roads and buildings…and bridges ?

Bridges make all true. It build from a situation past, to a new one ; linked, kind of passage way, in a conquest field. It’s a part of modern and technology revolution, to rejoin parts away. It pushes the limits far away, connect people, cancel distances and time. Even old Star Trek’s “time-shifting” was considered as a bridge canceling time (or save it !).


Web history has some similar effects. Not that it was the first aim, but it drives us in the same footprints, in some ways. By the seduction and exponantial rise, we open each day, thousands of ways, thousands of bridges, those which look like mazes sometimes (and highly-used by some computing virus !), which are amazing opportunities for knowledge, meet and teach ourselves daily behaviors. Opportunities to discover hidden people, living in dark sides, with such deep messages to ear. It’s not to talk about “power to the people”, but only let’s give a few speak to one who never have. It’s not about make long discussion, with expert’s points of view. Send the sentences from the silence. Go.

World noise is on the web. Just like a bee-house, never ending activity, and you’re a part of it. But it’s supposed not to be too “polluted place”, and stay a place of pleasure.

Let’s consider it like a real bridge masterpiece ; a bridge to heavenly moments, where nobody takes attention in time anymore, where all equal, everyone bringing its rock to this new construction, kind of eden place. Thinking about new step, linking with space’s aliens, trying to communicate with us. Create the new garden of peace : who now, is tempted to eat the forbidden fruit once more…?

You never had the speech skill ? Go, now for it !


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