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Following my last adventures about sales (here), I’ve never grew up thinking “tomorrow, I’ll be a salesman”; not at all. Nor I’ve never lived in an environment with some (no parents on sales business, no brothers/sisters), some friends joined this career later, but no really influences had prepared me to be, in some ways, ‘in the track’ to. But I did. Several days after my previous education, it came, day after day, not that I had no guide – in fact I met some important and awesome people in these skills -, but as if I always prepared to, a kind of doom, no curse at all, just destiny.

In fact, sales jobs are specialist ones, against all beliefs effect on our lives. That’s probably one of the main reasons, anyone can’t be a salesman…Why?

First, when you have a family, you’re always out, travelling by train, car, plane, collecting nowhere destinations and empty hotels; lonely dinners, lonely nights, early wake up, in a certain way, similar to priest loneliness and hopes…You begin to pray for tomorrow’s sales, and have nightmares of white paper and failed sales

Second, and added to loneliness, nobody believes in your intelligence, in the fact that you’re programed to sell (anything you want!), and one suppose, you’re just good enough to, but not really more. A modern warrior, infantry, keeping the lines, always at war. You must find another reason to believe it’s a noble job (fortunately, real salesman knows with experience how to cope with it and find lots of pleasure and happiness in their daily life!). It’s sometimes hard to be loved to, by your invading mind, big mouth, and teeth too white (!).

Third, you have to be patient, while you’re obliged to listen all customers problems, hoping at the end of the tunnel, one of them will order you, for your talent and understandings. It’s not obvious everyone can spend times to try to understand, thoughts and miseries of people.  But closer climate becomes a trust situation, more sales you will be able to do. Look at what’s up on social networks -even if there’s nothing to buy/sell, what I often ask to me…-; no trust, no exchange, no chat, no answer. No contact, no friends. That is. A kind of confident, before being advisor, doctor…and sometimes best friend.

Look at the final cut: that famous art, selling. It’s a matter of trust. And  not anybody can say, he’s trusty for sure. Trust is a reward, you can’t buy it, I think. So, whatever your intentions, you have to work for it, to get the tools and be the special confident. Be the one who knows all about his customers, when they are, but before too; analyzing personality, to structure, adapt your talk, prepare to argue hard, but to put yourself at the customer’s place; we’re all users of anything, and as famous quote “don’t do others what you don’t want you others do”. It’s a deadly final art in fact, lots of people depends on your skills, in companies.

Now, I made my mind, managed sales teams, lead to business development – the other style of selling with BtoB relationship – but I know what “selling” means, and all the background behind. Believe me it’s a awesome job for who knows discovering tricks&tips and decide to invest for a while. But one thing I’m sure now, is that job is not for everybody. It’s part of the dream to become famous, rich and respected, but prepare you to the hardline before, with simplicity, care and wide opened mind. It’s core of the job, missing it can throw you away and leave you a bitter taste in your career…

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Some days ago, I read on the newspaper a particularly interesting piece of life, regarding Indian workers, in Mumbai (called before Bombay), interesting in the human link, it was supposed to be, and the daily kind attention for this job. Let me tell you what can be an awesome illustration of social link…

Red or beige shirt, aside hat, running faster than cars, sometimes too near touching it, hurrying against walkers which don’t go fast enough, and carrying lots of meal boxes, high weighted. They go and stop thoughout streets of Mumbai, delivering meals to employees at offices, banks, administrations and companies, on time, with an accurate scheduled that can suffer late, they run sometimes for total 40 miles a day), and are counted as 5.000 doing it and serving people.

In the aim of each employee’s desire, they serve meals looking after, tastes, religions cares and variety, between eleven and noon, every day, crossing and crossing again, with targeted sectors, Mumbai across streets, with hot meals in metal boxes. They (they are called “dabbahwallahs”) prepare in their homes several meals, put in boxes and separate into sectors, for delivering, on times, according to sheduled asks. Each attendant knows by heart its sector and customers in its zone. Their logic is perfect (and btw according to Forbes, ranked as a Six Sigma method, probably the most efficient, customer care and satisfaction, management method), they’re never wrong, making no mistakes. It comes to be a serious study case in the best business schools in the world. They follow accurate process codes to make a perfect delivering: no late, no missing, no alcohol…Serious people for serious job. To make the deal right, each box has codes, figures, letters to indicate to the sutler the right destination, the way to reach it, even with change of waiter in some cases. Every waiter follows an “initiation period” for 6 months, before getting plenty of job, and recruters are very vigilant about new ones.

That made my day. I’ve always had kind of admiration for innovation, creation and people who know how to “cope with it”, because of without any money, you can still have ideas and courage. Hope doesn’t make all, but it helps a lot. It seems like poverty, crowd, but hope, is more powerful than money, and take revenge against too many destabilized business. A real courage and success story, a lesson for humanity, share and kindness, a shortage of service relation care with customers, those who pay for it, like it, and ask for it again. In this kind of fidelity, there’s an invisible hand that guide us to be better, take care of each other, a social link that never goes out. I’m a fan, for sure, I’m voiceless facing the truth and so much simplicity, sometimes we forget…

To learn more : Wikipedia / CNN

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