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It happened to be our daily life now, living with “social” behaviors and encounters. Last time I was for my MBA program, at HEC session for “social networks” in companies, I understood two things (at least!), starting the session:
– seems to move in companies, while social networks could be a solution for change (tip: my session was on “transform your business”, and I was supposed to get keys to do it)
– nothing was really new: a stone in the window…while discovering, “social networks” had nothing to see with social web in fact, considering they were  1) there since a long time  2) in fact in DNA for any organization   3) drawing the informal patterns, representing not authority (anything to see with organization charts), but “how companies do things…”


I had the idea to write something that could exorcise me (!), and making another building tool in the forest of social web.

First idea: I was not fool and out of the subject, while sharing ideas with excellent speaker, Marco Tortoriello, at the end of the session. What we always call “social networks”, is in fact  “informal networks” into companies. We obviously see that social web can improve a lot these understandings of such apps, but quicky I realize that web (already said several times, seems to be true), is just a tool. It gave us kind of “power” to save time (and time is important we’ll see further) in social graphs, and simplified a lot, sharing, finding information, find experts…and answers (an old post of last year reminds me about “instant search” that now burst…threat for search majors…)

Second idea: more your company is large and full of complicated graphs and organization, the more you’ll have to listen and be careful of informal situations. Anything you can consider as futile or useless can be your best weapon to understand others and pass through several steps more easily tomorrow. That is to say, spend time for “nothing” is really important if you want to get the “codes”, no one will ever give you. Public companies complicate the game with some political ladders too…

Third idea: as you could be disappointed, nothing to see with web in fact, in the fact that web is only a way (tool) to achieve your goals and maybe save times for networking more, fast and better. But nothing more. I always see people staring at web as the next thing that will resolve all their problems. Some in the history already did this this with totems and others idols…

Last idea: nothing is more important than listening and spending time (no waste at all!), to look, understand, and then act. Lots of unfortunate situation, seems driven to death, by urgency. There’s no much time than take time.

Maybe you’ll find gems in unknown territories: has anybody ask for reputation, those who do, don’t have any in fact. But those who live in silence and whispering minds, are the wisdom cell. Reputation and power are rewards, and reality show us that true ones, are long to get, are not “self-told to the world”!
Practically, don’t avoid anything: take care of every moment, from lift trips to small talks at coffee breaks, from sport sessions, to transportation random meetings. Any opportunity is real to empower yourself, reinforce your track record and perception, learning all small things to save time (and tears!).

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