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Yes. The thing everybody finally searches all his life, believing in the new Graal. I agree with the incredible effects of happiness on personal life, behavior, social interaction, business relations or any kind of relation though. But it’s all but arithmetic or automatic device you turn on or off, as you want to. Happiness must not be considered as a final goal, but more as a lifestyle, in the simpliest steps of life. We have all daily opportunities to measure, value and share “samples of happiness” with any situation: short talk, lesson, meeting, dinner, party…


Waiting for happiness can appear to be too long, but including it in each gesture, posture or action gives you an incredible experience of instant pleasure and valuable time. Not focusing on the single result can bring you a more pleasant “fly”, trip to the next steps of your life. And the way you drive and lead your action is really important as a gift for any of your interactions: be pleased without justifying with anyone in sharing knowledge, information and wisdom.

Now, it’s time to care about our happiness and share whenever it’s possible. Because we all deserve it…

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Everybody sees Happiness as an incredible quest, without seeing what’s in front of us. We always search for what we don’t have, forgetting to enjoy the daily simpliest pleasures. It seems to be a real crisis of happiness, while we forgot all we had, as little children, who themselves care for any few thing to come and bite life breathless. We all claim for more, but never organize us to understand, appreciate and consume the situations that could help us to get higher happiness. We just put it on doom, mischance or broken life, never source on ourselves to know us better and find the light inside. It must not be the fault of life. Or others. It might be our fault, just forgetting the meaning that we really put in our life. Consumption became a powerful exposition for fulfill our fitness indicators, and expose others, in order to seduce, capture or trick the game. It must stay pleasure first, as we don’t buy any good but values, brands or attributes…Marketing gurus got their own skills to show you in a mirror, that doesn’t reflect you anymore. We have to seed the “be” against the “have” and be inspired of it.

This summer, I’ve been really inspired, reading two books, under the hot sun of Tunisia. Happier from Tal Ben-Shahar and The Dip, little handbook from Seth Godin. One explaining path to more happiness, with lots of stories, examples and concepts, simply with bright exercises to follow a coherent line into the tale and being able to apply few rules, quite immediatly. I’ve noticed, through this awesome story, the underscored aspects of having in mind the two terms of appreciate pleasure: short-term shots, necessary because they are the fuel of each day we spend, and the deeper elements that shape the “meaning” of a whole life, used as guides, goals or long term sense. And to link both, we have to make a work on ourself to share and balance the benefits, resources and efforts to build something relevant and sustainable. We link then to the other guide by Seth G. about “quitting”, leaving something in our life, on several motivations: fear, doubt, too much effort or energy, difficulty, no more envy, mindset change or whatever that could make us shift. And that’s when this period comes, after the beginner’s chance or the one-shot short-term pleasure, that one must make choice: go on or leave? Who never thought about it or being confronted to a major choice in his/her life?

What does it mean? refusing happiness at the threshold? no pain, no gain?

And I found some correlative coincidences in the fear of the dip and the fact of “consuming” happiness, burning it too fast, without any plan, goal or forecast for meaning and without giving a long-term sense to life. Starting, beginning in something, diving into new experience, company, life need a snap of vision, envy, chance and motivation, but probably less energy because of novelty and curiosity. We all know how to get a small shot of pleasure, in simple few things we can allow us daily with meetings, close and personal thoughts and dedicated moments. But the real problem is to “process” them to make them scalable, sustainable and part of something bigger: goal. A kind of envision with steps to cross, the “complete estimated and fully hope” way of your life to be discovered. But how get to it while you don’t organize the way, the steps? If you consume all your energy, focused on short-term pleasure, when dip is coming, because it always does after a period of “trial”, the feeling of doubt, mistrust or despair will appear. Some will get from this, with lots of energy and target to grow the hard curve. But many won’t, because they will miss the whole vision of “sense” for their life.

But when you take time to set goals for achievements, giving you a “reason-to-live” beyond, you start to draw something more clear and valuable, all along the path…This gives you courage, force and energy, and maybe you won’t spend any time in the dip, surfing on pleasure, all along the steps. I tried to represent the way I figure it, on the second graph. Imagine you have a stairway, where each step is a new challenge, hurdle or thing to achieve, and for each step you will get all your attention to feel, learn and get all the lessons from: you’ll get more profitable time, enjoyable and memorize a lot more than if you don’t get any attention at all. But moreover, you will touch to a higher level of short-term pleasure and you’ll earn it forever. This is the principle of having a far away goal, while spending time to appreciate each part of the path to go there. While consuming your short-term pleasure, you’ll touch a well being level like a trigger, and function with a “ratchet effect”. What you earnt is forever, speaking about welfare level. And that’s a real funny way to share and balance between easy approach to solve daily stuffs, learn and feel, then dreaming of the big picture that makes sense for you. And the best way to get rid of this “haunting” dip, that demands so much efforts, pain and questions for you to go on

The best you plan for the future, the best you can appreciate all the strong steps to go there, and feel all the energy of passing the difficulties of life. “Success calls success” we could tell, like a process circle that gives you motivation, sense but joy in the action. Because a kind of “rat race”, refusing pleasure now for hoping it later is to ascetic, take time to stare the whole story, imagining how you could get tot he peak, enjoying all the phases, encounters and lessons that make the process. “If there’s a goal, there’s a way”, I could add “an enjoyable way”.

Don’t quit, ever, just have an enjoyable trip, reachable goals, reliable and fulfilling milestones, and trust for you to take right decisions with insightful and tuitions mindset. An eye on the horizon goal, the other on daily feelings. You’d better start now…

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Driving the change with happiness produces better results in the long term for brands: products, service level, employees involvement and motivation, learning scale, knowhow footprint. Some could say theres’s some “disturbing tricks”, considered sometimes too framed, complicated, as “sect” behaviors. But none. In the spirit of “meaning” and quest for everybody to a “sense of life“, allowing for the luckiest, a perfect stability between career, family, entertainment and in heritage, there’s not only “chance”. If we look at poursuit of happiness, as a never ending story to keep motivation, willingness to learn and share and a desire for improvement, we can perfectly get the essence of this weird process:

  • things become boring as we reach them ; just like collectors who keep fever until they get the last piece of their collection…and depress then after
  • the emotion is intense while the action is, but step down just after the success. It’s really strange, but it is. Ask for champions who won, and then…kind of baby blues, in someway?
  • to keep the sheer energy, innovation with happiness must be considered as a never ending process, always searching for new tracks for improvement, challenging the service level and beat our own results. An impossible quest? Not sure, because passion is an awesome fuel for everyone…
In a special bigup for this delicious tale and stories inside “Happier”, from Tal Ben-Shahar, the first impressions were that the race for happiness in itself, doesn’t mean anything if we see it as a collection, without a framed life. Drawed like a coherent way to discover each day, new experiences, surprises with rituals maybe, we have to be convinced by the special force of “sense”. If we try to compare happiness in relative ways with others, we lose our mind with bad thoughts about jalousy, greed and deny. That’s not a positive attitude which don’t enable opening stories with others. He meant and gave perspective to happiness (and quest for) in underlining the “way”, the “process”, as a source of happiness itself. In other words, “don’t focus only on the result, but feel and appreciate the way to go there”. A perfect and slow ongoing way to learn and give a chance to any milestone, any few snap thing that “makes” the way.
And I found a reason to link this particular and hectic approach, to innovation, like a process.
I tried here to compare the acquisition and race for happiness, with models and behaviors confronted with choices of innovation, with two axes: return/pleasure on short term and pleasure/return on long term.
  • First Quadrant : “Rat Race”…
…means focus on long term pleasure, never considering the way/process as interesting in getting/giving pleasure, as an ongoing flowing action. It supposes cash, strong settlements and long R&D windows of development, but rare entries on misc. activities in diversification. Devise could be “one day…maybe”, refusing elusive deals facing them prefering investing on framed, stronged and loud process. This could be pharmas’ models for example, confronted with security and sanity process, and the necessary R&D involvements. They like “hard innovation” but could refuse easy one…
  • Second: Slow Followers…
…will slow the flow, with a “no…no…” attitude, to secure cash and strategy. Focused on past success, they mean to wait the future window of opportunity…staring at competition, long after “crossing the chasm“. They often do one thing at-the-time, but stare at anything that moves, to create a perfect control tower, safe. They can draw lessons from the past, but are not really sure if chance, random or anything else that way, could be the exact final decisive point. They also make the mass-market coming and can lower the costs of delivering, by industrializing the mainstream approach. Not really sexy, but necessary. Me-too products for settled consumers, and old processing because “nothing worths it…”. Some behaviors bending on “too much realistic” and not enough disruptive mindset.
  • Third: Shooters…
…Everybody has ever known one in his own life: something/someonethat/who, can “woooot” you up, and make the spark in your eyes. A gun, a shooter, a big buzz. But once, only once. Focused on fashion, day-to-day, hedonism and sheer short-term gain. A star, who will never keep the distance. And that’s all the difference: big brands don’t make only big PR/buzz around products, services or deliverings. They stand and hold a position, for yesterday, now and tomorrow. Using your energy to bring news and buzz, will build a instant cash good deal, but doesn’t set you as a strong innovator. A lots of resources are managed and satisfied in the distance: customers, employees, machines, built-in processes…And as already described, running for an immediate goal, makes you in the blues and feel depressed, just after the victory. Like Champions…of one snap instant.
  • Last, but not least, of course, according to me, the most sustainable and sharable shape of innovation: I called “The HappInovators”,…
…as they make a perfect exercise between goals to achieve together, and ways to proceed. Exploring radical shifts yes, but keeping concentrate and realistic about the ability to make the change happen. the organization in small cells, with maximum collaborative spirit, turned into energy. The energy for being able to think “why do I do this (like I do it)?”, several times in an ongoing process until the why is irrelevant. But not before. The spirit of feeling, appreciate all the milestones leading to result, learning from them but having joy, tears, hurdles too to print the moment. Doing nothing for nothing, as each case and stone must be the opportunity to rule something for the future, allowing the company to rise faster tomorrow, and to innovate easily. Talent management has not to be hold anymore because the spirit of “doing things happen”, lead them to think out-of-the-box and boost themselves all the time. They are on scene at each moment and on the lights. Why consider some talents more than others as the whole part is a talents building site? And why should I consider driving innovation in happiness? Because customers could feel it in your service, deliverings and brand. Because all your talents will be really involved as never, almost spending much costs on motivation tools or controlling. Because disruption comes when you put all the environment ready to make it come. Because you won’t choose between “today” and “future” anymore, you’ll manage the perfect balance between both, allocating resources as well. Because you’ll go to work (or any step you can transpose this process), with smile on your face. And spreading it, will overcome your results and the buzz for your entity.
Plant seeds of happiness is more than plant: it gives you the better (pacific) weapon to compete much closer and quicker, with the participation of the whole company. Training sessions for employees to come will make a better place to work, live and deliver…Saw that famous case about Zappos‘ story? Just in case…

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