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I had a dream : people not go on losing its head in hunting fake things, in benefit of real things. I always tried to be so right and clean in my relationship, protect my family and spread pleasure and listen ability to others. But I must be right in front of the wall : this is more and more rare stuff…Because of fashion, competitivity, race for modern champions, we passby the pure and essential pearl : a short talk, a short moment of being in common, with no longer nothing to prove to anyone else. Just for fun. Just for pleasure. just for nothing !

I found this in some web communities, which can relate topics of simple things, feelings and so long, without any dues. Debt, paiment, dues, jealousy…vanished words. Useless. Useless if you want to. This is one’s decision, and this is the magic on the web, share, take pleasure, be useless, well such great moments !

We have to protect and keep in some way, a child’s mind, a child’s eye to make things go on. To make things simple and friendful. I’ll be a good partner for anyone has its goal, because I feel it so important to me, and a royal aim to serve the technology we received. Technology which could make it possible, but not to slave us. Human power not for power, but for human first, and share with most of us, around the world. Even those who don’t have anything can, often those who feel it the best way…

Tell me about this useless paper ?

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