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It’s written in the books : we won’t be alone anymore because of “social networking”. Well…Such a great promise, such a temptation, why will we have to wait so long for ?We, at the prices of so much times on the web, searching and tracking new people, we call “friends”, without even know anything about, just like new hunting prices, new mesure of power.

Next NYSE, will it ever be the petrol price or gold, but the number of friends. Interesting, speculation about people that we don’t ever know.
It’s just like, human being was unable to communicate, unable to create warm and value, with true relations. Like if we, in the contrary, have fear of the “other”, of real relationship, just like single households, with young people who doesn’t want to marry anymore.
And we create false evaluation, false “friends”…”Well it’s good to have Mrs or Mr in my relation”, “oh God, you don’t know Mr…?”, so long, so nuts.

What about the true way of life ? What about comparing, debate about social minds, political and technical opinions, what about just “touch” its double, its neighbour.
I see famous hunters, without firing any ball, with their “hunt board” : “good day, I had xx more targets today…” ; and what for ? to make any career opportunity more ? to never post and pay attention to these “targets” ?
They really haven’t any consideration of social behavior…And the worst thing, is someone can do like, for years before being unmasked…

Let’s considering the topic on other side : the chance of being connected without travelling, with the entire world. Great chance, that lots of people even today don’t have. Think about third world, and their far away distance from this…
And let’s really appreciate each day, how we can do it : connecting people, to reduce unequalities, digital fence, and share ideas, feelings, know-hows. The high speed education, information with respect of anykind of opinion and so far.
A Marketplace, democracy of good sense, where everyone listen each other, and share without force anyone out of reason.


Technology grows fast. Faster than the consequences (so good, so bad) involved into ; only human can think about that and control the machine. We, always decide, the result of our acts.
It’s a question of being aware of this state, before acting. An important question, maybe THE question of survivance of technology race, to serve people.
Create value for the people, not to be slave of fashion stuffs, which will never give anything to eat to hungry people. Which will never help anyone.
Everybody has a secret to deliver to other. It’s when we are aware of our chance, and how we can influence or help anybody else, that we will make social network, a bulk progress.

We must think about that, – and I know now you will -, when you will add next friend to Facebook. And comment this subject.

Comments ? Advices ? Opinions ?

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