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Copenhagen was a whole oxygen space for billions of people, staring at most powerful leaders in the world, who was trying to be closer in their thoughts, minds and actions. Netherless there was some intentions, concrete resume can’t be a real success, comparing the objectives, proposed by European Union. These was guided by three main goals to target:

  • 20% raising of energy efficiency
  • 20% raising in using of renewal energies
  • 20% share of biofuels in renewal ones

These “20 gimmick” shares, were part of a whole plan, with:

  • energy efficiency
  • reduction of fossil fuels and energies
  • raise of renewal energies
  • reduction of nuclear energy use
  • progress in carbon capture and storage
  • a hope for reduction of CO2 emission

Meanwhile some tried to build a newer energy power, through kind of treaty, commitments and negotiations, there was a rising trouble, born between US and China: one, showed by everyone for king of pollution and wastes, other rising power country, that want to have a share of voice, in its early industrial revolution and its need for energy consumption. While US lead world development since years, and lead then, the largest emissions of CO2, China doesn’t want to be the good boy, staring now others say “you’re gonna avoid any CO2 emission, because world standards need to”. That was a kind of request out of Copenhagen, and any dealer of the conference, agreed with a so soft commitment: “all elements have been notified and noted in order to…”. So what?
EU has been marginalized in all the Copenhagen process: it started well, with such lots of initiatives, EU could have been kind of moderator, looking at BRIC moves and hopes, and US gentleman style, trying to cope with issue of credit crunch and giving a new start for economy.
Nethertheless, the next big thing is maybe the famous carbon tax, which project has been impulsed by France, in order to regulate carbon production and tax bad boys. Yes, this project is gonna make some noise inside and outside EU, because it released the relations in commercial exchanges, and distribute new way to produce and deliver: cost will be added to farest products, in the benefit of local ones. A kind of disguised protectionism, when no one wants to hear about it, fearing of old rules of commerce.

What will be the result of such an idea? probably silent war of preferring local consumption, that almost constitutes a step forward for carbon footprint reducing, but also a threat and unbalanced issue on commercial exchanges with EU, and INSIDE EU too. A kind of “reason to give up” other good resolutions. And maybe organization of local controlled power units, trying to survive or to develop substitute economies.
Fortunately, investments in cloud computing, directly driven by explosion of web 2.0, will be a sunset to energy consumption reducing. Progress in technology, can drive us to energy care, efficiency and more chip power. And it’s here, from dawn we can appreciate efforts of cooperation in research and development, with multi-cultural teams in the world. And consume our “CO2.0”, well new dressed!

Still remain 3 victories in this huge giants meeting: commitment on lowering 2 celsius degrees average temp on earth, financing up to $100b to reduce CO2 emissions and wastes, and REDD pact, leading to reduce large deforestation and giving a chance to new fields of trees. That starts a range of hope, but still stands lot to do: maybe China and US, in a single voice, happy to load again with EU, to the next banquet for green success. And that must be with the whole support of citizens, forgetting their own interests, for earth’s sake…

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 We’re now all in, in green matters and problems, definitely in some twirling movement, in hope of savings energies, reduice consuming and waste, giving home to our trash basket (!), and so long. There’s now a lot of new think tank, from little tries to huge organizations (here is some of them), and we can (sure?) sleep more quietly.

In the meantime, come and go movement of information, goes faster, each day we are front of new exchanges, e-mail reading and throwing (!), new APIs, where people search for the best award to come (and particularly ventures ones…;-) ) ; we try to cope with the “wave” of post, lines, pictures, video and so long representations of social activity. And we spend so much time, that we can, for a while, consider that there’s probably something which is bad for sustainable development. Probably…

Why ? How ?

Think about so huge computing frames needed to supply such apps, think about energy spendings all time, all around the world (included yours…!), wires, waves, broadcasts and web infrastructures, think about so huge events like, TEDLeWeb3SWSXPlugg and so may others, where many people from other side of the planet come to speak, hear and share…with planes, trafic, polluting the earth (tip: I know that airflights pollution provides “only” 4% of carbon production, but anyway, evil is done…). With these such early new behaviors in front of information, knowledge and share, so much computing time, so much computers new bought (most of them laptops, with high needs of energy, but also, green batteries now…), we have to manage in a regular and responsability swear. Maybe another “driving card”, provided by good sense and always reminded ; I will try to purpose some items in many (to complete, you have to !) :

  • on energy savings, probably trying to use devices, never turning them off, prefering the sleep mode, and let it sometimes in rest, avoiding to much warm situations ; don’t use too much devices for the same stuff, prefering multi frame work, device converge comes with fast steps now…(you’ll find out there too some excellent and more complete topics: WattWattLowerFootPrint for example)
  • print ? what for ? there has been so many trees driven to “death” to make books…digital reading is not so far hard now (and reactive, interactive)
  • as you sort wastes in your trash, be careful about :
    • what you send to who, avoiding to much pollution ; everyone knows how about it’s easy to send, forward, copy…to many people who don’t care about the subject, prefering the quietest position in sending message to all ; and message tools now are really talented to do it…
    • what you like to say, how you say it and maybe, the effects of your initial text is sometimes more polluting than useful
    • being short, kind and friendly way ; battle and affront situations make rising the temperature, and getting nervous. Bad for your health, you know…
    • what you keep in any further useful, with a hopeful and maybe feeling…in your memory, folders, messaging…
    • what you don’t keep (!), driving you to make some another research, spending time and energy again
  • think about doing nothing : not give up but doing anything else, which change your ideas, make some progress about thoughts, talks and what you heared ; you became more efficient next time
  • post some picture about nature, elements, animals : there’s so many of them who are going to vanish, in the next few years…
  • having some plants with you can speak with (I know some of you think “he must have turned nut…” ; kind guy…) ; not at all. Speak in front and bout nature is revealing it ; making it real and real. As you may never forget any piece of existence…and for last full of doubt, see here

Well I won’t in any case, too complete scheduled, but gave some ideas, some few elements of thinking. Social networking must be an advance on all fronts, but not anything else but IT progress, wasting others opportunities (and there’s a lot of human ones). There’s probably some simple acts to think about, to make it concrete.

Maybe this post is useless ; maybe not. I had fun about writing it, maybe you will in reading…You tell me.

And don’t forget to water the plant behind you.

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And it happens. We forgot about what we can find in nature’s field. Blinded by speed and fashion, we use all time to convince everybody of our superiority. Well, I don’t think a second about a real progress, virtual power which drives sometimes people to kill…When the going gets though, the tough gets going…Anyway, we must be guided by someone, something. Parents, childrens, friends (real ones, none of thousands on Facebook…!), corp’s life too in good conditions, remind us not to lose our head. And it’s essential for us. Those who believe who don’t need to, those who are real fools…Listening is not a natural skill. We must behave a long time, meeting people, delivering some new messages, swithing ideas…to appreciate more of this.


Most of time, people uses time to “be right”, kind of superiority on other ones. Is this the only goal “be right” ; but what for ? We all rise up in exchange, maybe strong ones of different opinions. Making superiority keep us ugly in some way…ugly and bad behaviors. And the most important is what we need to live, is in the nature itself, around us. And we can’t see it. oh, yes we can, if we want to. Each vegetal, rock, water field…has its part of spiritual energy. A kind of endless force, which can give us more than thousand fights. In silence, peace and respect of other. We have to be more aware and staring at each contact, message ; it’s not a due, it’s a gift, the nature’s gift, for who can receive it. A kind of nowadays graal. And the quest is never finished.

You feel it ? Any opinion. don’t hesitate, share it…

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