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Last part of three set, considering the outputs/outcomes on resources, driven by a “always-on” society, with:

  • raising loyalty and sensibility to more information, messages and requests
  • searching for trust and truth, in this ocean of crowded “social” advertising: how to cope with it to build a strong “wired” reputation
  • the effects on production cycle, wastes and ability to modelize business before it runs: a real opportunity to change minds, process and get the best results overall
I’ve already posted something on it, linking loyalty and mobility with the wealth of being “targetable”, on the run…or not. The “SoLoMo” concept since then ran and seems to grow up every day. Seeing how the Groupon, KGBDeals, LivingSocial or whatever, recruited as members and notoriety, can now get in building local deals in keeping a huge community of deal hunters. The increase of interest for these models, even if the future is not really clear about their cash and resources needs, seems to grow. they just have now to find the great balance with retailers they ad for and in the revenue sharing…But for the customer, the output is clearly fair: getting in the best plan for any service, each day. The likeliness and accessibility of the anytime, anywhere, any device process generate most fans and successfull outcomes.
The other part, leading to valuable outcomes seems to be the transparency and truth, required in business. And according to more reputation, guided by social commerce and recommandation, it may be the next core key required by connectivity environment. The more you are targeted, the more you need to get the head of the basket to sort all the sollicitations: good or bad ones…The market of “reputation”, and the advising included in this whole wave just starts and make this wired situation more interesting yet: getting the good clues with local/social in searching for customer experiences, tips and promotions. Foursquare for example, turned gaming and tips, because the feature of “only” checking is not sufficient enough now: time is for adding content (tips, twits, recommendation…), making the live moment more “live”, realistic and valuable for the network fellows. The whole value for network is supposed to be the square of its number, that means that somehow value is brought by any people in a balanced part. And information is value now, because scarcity and results from the sharing of it, gives a large potential of consumption. Give good reputation in a network means that value included inside any member may value the whole set.
But that’s not all: digital settlements and features mean deep changes in design, production and sampling. The tremendous abilities to get a modelized result before launching a whole production run leads to a better fine tuning in building offers, services and products. We called so much “test markets”, when we had abilities to run short cycles and produce samples to collect some consumers’ opinions, but being always wired allows us to get one step before: drawing and having models, with true reality, without launching the whole production. Getting returns from teams, cross functionnal trials and other samples increase the “pre-production” knowledge and facilitates corrections, last minute changes and includes feedback. Imagine only on the movie industry, what gives such technologies on cost reduction, allowing 3D modelization to build scripts, scents, scenariis with the ability to show “complete shots”, without any effort…
Anything we share, talk or stare about now, is on the uphold of digital processes and needs to be stared with brand new vision, that unchains any abilities and free our mindsets. What’s the frontier of our imagination? Guess it’s not been invented yet, and needs new ways of thinking, even in the necessary approach to be found. But I think the challenge is awesome and valuable, as a trip with the unknown, considering the deep well of opportunity facing us. Mc Luhan wrote about the concept of global village many years ago, drawing at that time a warning for any generation to come. But the real question is not “how far is global, this village” but “where are the disrupt trends that are available and change the way we think, create, build and deliver“…The challenge is waiting for anyone of us.

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At the end of 2010, strategy+business showed an interesting essay on the link between performance and strategy, underlining the increasing factor of coherence in a whole company’s strategy. Coherence seems to be a key difference advantage that enlight all the capabilities of a company, aligning all skills to the best delivered services for customers. As now, 3 elements are necessary and described as essential to be “coherent” and have an efficient strategy:

  • market position
  • capabilities
  • product and service portfolio

I tried to resume these few parts in a synthetic matrix to help understanding of global concept as:

Where you can observe more details in explanations like:

  • the necessary start with few leans, skills and financial surface
  • the temptation to quick embrace the mass market with no really “shift” in value purpose: me-like, that can’t really last for a long time before a new comer sweep all your former efforts
  • or the early specialisation with rare skills, hold and protect them from new comers and competition (blue oceans or expert strategy)
  • and finally settle a strong position built on experience, rare skills, mass delivering and brand awareness

After revealing the steps and way, result of different paths/strategies to invade markets, Paul Leinwald and Cesare Mainardi isolated four sources of value to underline the relation between coherence and performance, like:

  • process and method engineering and quick improvement driven by coherence: coherent process increase efficiency faster than competitors: we say “enhance effectiveness”
  • training further your capabilities make an enroll process for other departments and skills of your company: we say “enhance efficiency”
  • focused investment: means really increase efforts and investments on capabilities that differentiate you from competition and/or gives you a step ahead and an substantial advance on your market
  • core coherence means “spending time to give a coherent and relevant global frame of decision making, agreed and used by everyone in the company” ; no need to fight, coherence is then a desired way of business life, inside all departments and process

All of these four sources of value reinforce the others. Alignment makes an easier future for company, to greater efficiency. Growth is faster, cheaper and with a better adoption for convincing employees to the whole strategy: “a good strategy must be obvious and has not to be explained”.

Coherence calls for coherence because when you practice it, you may identify more easily the misfunctions of process and behaviors. A virtual circle, with a stairway move to grow value, service and relevance for your customers’ delivering…


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