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We must mesure how our understanding and position of the subjet are : are we really afraid of what’s going on, on this old earth, or is it a fashion involved in our lives ?

Of course, no afraid AND no fashion : because the topic is too big, that we can’t really mesure in our nowadays lives, the effects now ; and no fashion because it’s real, but for the first point, so invisible that we make no attention at all.

Sure, some of us have changed some usings, other did not. But I’m afraid we must, in a steady state, change our minds, for good. In our modern society, beautiful is often emptiness, and we don’t realize, that our children, won’t no longer live as we did. It’s difficult because changes are invisible and slow. At our scale of thinking (by the way show us that we maybe have a short view of some kind of problems…Often ones that we don’t feel affected by…), there’s no world real mobilization. No world organisation which is going to give the tune. But we did, with other subjects : NATO, ONU, etc exist ; with real power and use of it. Nothing yet about ecology. Because we think it’s optionnal in our economics. I think, there’s some points on which we can quickly go further ; for example :

– lower uses of pollution energies (by taxes adding), by encourage durable ways of energy

– help to improve house insulations by tax reductions

– encourage e-commerce and homework, to reduice car using and reduice then trafic jam

– reinforce the public transportation, in big towns ; encourage car-sharing, create corp about this subject and create employment

– consider destruction of nature as a main crime classification and punish consequences

– regulate in stronger ways, protection of animals, fishing activities, hunting by applicating penalizations

– research and expert opinions must be disconnected of big corps, which lobby in their interests, no really ecological at all, in many cases

– start earlier to speak loudly on these topics, at school, with earlier ones students, to make live with, on daily future lives

Well, not my goal to be exhaustive there, but just to give some simple citizen opinions. It helps me to be aware of that, to be “eyes and ears opened” to our global doom.

Are you ? comment, please…

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