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You probably dream about a quiet place, a rest moment where you can muse and think about ideas, with no necessary goal. Or you would probably have some time, efficient time without being disturbed. No glory, fair enough, just simple life, we forgot. The fact is that, today, too many screens with interactive propositions that blink all over the day, make us fragile, distracted and less efficient. Times have changed, but not obviously for the single “better” side. We used to spend time, having time to discover, doubt, try while we are now, just interrupted, all over each single day. Is it this kind of life we need, want, desire to recover the ability to make good choices? Disturbed we are, troubled with no “cold time” to think deeply or work without being dissipated by ongoing commercials, “friends” requests or redundant news.
Oh I see and know what kind of subject I’m talking about. You probably didn’t have yet the conscient and awareness of it, but we’re immerged with digital signals, that we can’t deal with. Too many messages, too many occurencies, too many interruptions: and that’s the way you work more stressed, losing time anytime you’re disturbed, getting more and more difficulty to work efficiently with business matters, all along without being ongoing interrupted. That’s the sad way of “mainstream information”, a kind of flow you can’t stop and sort of, because it’s now to the reader to make his own opinion about contents and what he can stare at. That’s the bottomline of any “UGC”, where the reference is maybe hard to find and to believe. Can we believe all we receive? Can we trust anyone who “says”? And without even talking about the relevance of information, it’s about the whole “mass”, that flows on and on, every day.
We’re now living in a “microspaces” of times where we can spot, snap and do every little pieces of actions, like medias but like recipients too, where we swallow lots of datas…be careful to digest it!


Finally we could say that “interruption draws creativity, flexibility and curiousity”. So, our brain has just to “teach how to deal with it, like darwinism theory for survivance”. The fact is that no one can really say actually, if there’s a strong progress doing this or in the long term an inefficiancy driving business and modern work to a major change. May we dream of an enjoyable “empty space” soon, maybe not. Up to you, to suffer daily this pollution or change your behavior. Healthier, simplier searching for “better”, more than “more”. Remember it’s worthier to “be”, than to “have”…

Any experience so far, before burning out? Share it quickly…

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Yes. The thing everybody finally searches all his life, believing in the new Graal. I agree with the incredible effects of happiness on personal life, behavior, social interaction, business relations or any kind of relation though. But it’s all but arithmetic or automatic device you turn on or off, as you want to. Happiness must not be considered as a final goal, but more as a lifestyle, in the simpliest steps of life. We have all daily opportunities to measure, value and share “samples of happiness” with any situation: short talk, lesson, meeting, dinner, party…


Waiting for happiness can appear to be too long, but including it in each gesture, posture or action gives you an incredible experience of instant pleasure and valuable time. Not focusing on the single result can bring you a more pleasant “fly”, trip to the next steps of your life. And the way you drive and lead your action is really important as a gift for any of your interactions: be pleased without justifying with anyone in sharing knowledge, information and wisdom.

Now, it’s time to care about our happiness and share whenever it’s possible. Because we all deserve it…

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“Objects now become kind of chatterbox and the world shifts as an huge connected information system”

Yes we must now consider objects as a real part of social movement, even if social genuinely means « interaction between two human beings », they can enter the game of socialization…How far, when, for which uses/features? Future will tell…

2020: 20 Billions of connected objets; which ones, which services behind and for which uses? What might we face in organizations, skills, value chains and industries?

« We don’t GO on the WWW, we are IN the WWW » (J. de Rosnay, 2008). In this case we can’t ignore the new environment in which we’re living, wired, connected, localized, targeted…? What is our trigger of rejection or how far will we go, in including this obsessing world, that is up to us more and more.

That is to say with many questions to push ourselves in another world, framed with robots, domotics, and domestic suppliance, increasing interrogations about the destiny, goals and playing field. While complete digital revolution leads to many disasters in balanced industries, destroying employment in short term, what could bring more automation of flows, relations and process?

For the opportunistic point of view, it’s far from now, several huge enhancements to come, in a larger scale for domestic, economic and social matters. When coming to mass market, leading the wheel can be an astonishing venture in sectors like:

  • Tracing products, animals, reducing sanity risks and increasing the visibility on nurturing, growing in real time
  • Improvements on supply chains and « just in time », reducing stock wastes and better control
  • Equipment for handicapped people or old people, to enhance daily life with smart objects or function, and for health monitoring with things like flesh sensors (EES2) or with connected wifi body scale from Withings
  • Production improvement with robots like farming robots
  • Monitor, schedule and show the mass of available energies for a town, area or more, increasing the action on it and on the way we consume it: something making possible ups and downs and informing people when and how to use it (see an example with dontflushme)
  • Connected cities with huge projects involving simple objects with new roles and useful faces like intelligent pavements in Toulouse, France that supplies energy when you walk on them or ”Simplicity” project from Keiichi Matsuda (Domesti/City) and LivingPanIT, future tools for bright cities. Check also Songdo City in South Korea, aimed to welcome more than 75.000 citizens in 2014
  • Lifestyle environment: domestics, visual and personal comfort, intelligent paper with paperzoom, or fridges ordering themselves what’s relevant for the household’s needs, relating to stock or food desires. Taking in count the necessary monitoring of your weight, mood or health state
  • Self-domestic with « things » like green plants, furniture, design…), the silent communication (“utility” for house domestics, alone…)

While we see lots of interesting opportunities, we may consider the downsides and potential dangers that come with digital era, and could explode with the complete participation of connected objects, like :

  • Hacking: with the economic exploitation for the silent information war: stocks, financial system, gold and raw materials, everything that could trick valuation but also nuclear and military settlements connected in some ways could be hackable…
  • What about electronic polls and the ability to cheat and trick democracy?
  • Tomorrow, school and exam results may be built by machines, increasing the ability to exploit a fault in the whole chain and leading to discredit of levels and graduations?
  • How far build and trust open data: do we fight to show anything we can (see Pachube), a whole community lead site with usermoderation and the degree of trust that is questioned so far?
  • Automatic terminals that guide, manage and secure aerial traffic, train regulation and so long: who can we trust, relating to security matters?
  • Telco system with parallel ways (social networks) with lots of information publicly available everywhere, because no one can verify the sense, truth capital and relevance?

Very hard times in trying to imagine the different faces and practical aspects of this new behavior, allowing objects to be linked and part of the global conversation. From now, protocols have already shifted to new (with for example ipv6), to welcome and hold the huge growth of connections, increased by the participation of these smart objects…But as any physical people, we can see “reputation” and need of protection of digital identity. Some solutions like myID.is or myid.com will probably grow to guarantee the trustiness and truthfulness of exchanges and conversations. That means the identification must be on the object level and not necessary on the object’s owner level, who can change

We all already know that mobile devices and mobile behavior will be the dominant platform for datas, communication and entertainment tomorrow, then mobile web and connected objects will stand as  beacons of business in this incredible story.

There’s probably something attractive with everything seeming to be linked and connected. Just like losing our innocence, our ability to “think” and hold a sheer relation. When it’s about progress, one can be ready for anything to rock the boat…But how far? We’re still in the growth for “just” only fighting poverty and analphabetism and increasing digital uses may lead to writing mistakes and in the end, complete lack of knowledge about it! What about grammar, syntax, style effects that create a conversation and build a codified exchange between humans?

We so have to consider all these opportunities, integrating them into a whole ecosystem before they take control of us…Give rules, a place for everyone and everything, including interactive roles in our lives and dream about new “social networks for objects.” And then, pray that objects will invite us in their circle, where they will exchange datas, signals…conversations? A binary world from 0 to 1…

But who will be responsible for these shared contents or actions lead by the connected objects? Which legal matters: The owner? The user? The network?

In fact a subject not really new, that takes some time to land off but whose applications will help in many sectors with strong uses like breaking the digital rupture, domestics compliance and lots of local and practical innovations. Then « objects went social » could have been a HG Wells book. Shall we say « social » talking about objects when described as « media which enable interactivity between two or more humans »?

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 We’re now all in, in green matters and problems, definitely in some twirling movement, in hope of savings energies, reduice consuming and waste, giving home to our trash basket (!), and so long. There’s now a lot of new think tank, from little tries to huge organizations (here is some of them), and we can (sure?) sleep more quietly.

In the meantime, come and go movement of information, goes faster, each day we are front of new exchanges, e-mail reading and throwing (!), new APIs, where people search for the best award to come (and particularly ventures ones…;-) ) ; we try to cope with the “wave” of post, lines, pictures, video and so long representations of social activity. And we spend so much time, that we can, for a while, consider that there’s probably something which is bad for sustainable development. Probably…

Why ? How ?

Think about so huge computing frames needed to supply such apps, think about energy spendings all time, all around the world (included yours…!), wires, waves, broadcasts and web infrastructures, think about so huge events like, TEDLeWeb3SWSXPlugg and so may others, where many people from other side of the planet come to speak, hear and share…with planes, trafic, polluting the earth (tip: I know that airflights pollution provides “only” 4% of carbon production, but anyway, evil is done…). With these such early new behaviors in front of information, knowledge and share, so much computing time, so much computers new bought (most of them laptops, with high needs of energy, but also, green batteries now…), we have to manage in a regular and responsability swear. Maybe another “driving card”, provided by good sense and always reminded ; I will try to purpose some items in many (to complete, you have to !) :

  • on energy savings, probably trying to use devices, never turning them off, prefering the sleep mode, and let it sometimes in rest, avoiding to much warm situations ; don’t use too much devices for the same stuff, prefering multi frame work, device converge comes with fast steps now…(you’ll find out there too some excellent and more complete topics: WattWattLowerFootPrint for example)
  • print ? what for ? there has been so many trees driven to “death” to make books…digital reading is not so far hard now (and reactive, interactive)
  • as you sort wastes in your trash, be careful about :
    • what you send to who, avoiding to much pollution ; everyone knows how about it’s easy to send, forward, copy…to many people who don’t care about the subject, prefering the quietest position in sending message to all ; and message tools now are really talented to do it…
    • what you like to say, how you say it and maybe, the effects of your initial text is sometimes more polluting than useful
    • being short, kind and friendly way ; battle and affront situations make rising the temperature, and getting nervous. Bad for your health, you know…
    • what you keep in any further useful, with a hopeful and maybe feeling…in your memory, folders, messaging…
    • what you don’t keep (!), driving you to make some another research, spending time and energy again
  • think about doing nothing : not give up but doing anything else, which change your ideas, make some progress about thoughts, talks and what you heared ; you became more efficient next time
  • post some picture about nature, elements, animals : there’s so many of them who are going to vanish, in the next few years…
  • having some plants with you can speak with (I know some of you think “he must have turned nut…” ; kind guy…) ; not at all. Speak in front and bout nature is revealing it ; making it real and real. As you may never forget any piece of existence…and for last full of doubt, see here

Well I won’t in any case, too complete scheduled, but gave some ideas, some few elements of thinking. Social networking must be an advance on all fronts, but not anything else but IT progress, wasting others opportunities (and there’s a lot of human ones). There’s probably some simple acts to think about, to make it concrete.

Maybe this post is useless ; maybe not. I had fun about writing it, maybe you will in reading…You tell me.

And don’t forget to water the plant behind you.

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It’s while and coincidential time when I’ve spent few days in Morocco with my wife, I’ve been indeep facing another social activism. Concrete and alive, I was exposed to an amazing human “machine”, and I was each time wondering if I didn’t fell into a kind of Matrix like, or the other side of social web networks. Why ?


Marrakech place, for I’ve been there several times, adding others towns in Morocco, is a place where everything is possible ; you can find and do anything till your imagination can run. How ? by an invisible network, which starts with a need (but sometimes no need for a need  !), and drives you to solution, in a fraction of time. At any time of the day or the night. Ask for anything, someone, by the magic of some fees, can do it for you. With the whole service and beyond, kindness and love of being an important link to your desire. Just like if you ask a question on twitter, you sometimes don’t know how and when the answer arrives, but it does. A weird live human wire, which never stops, for a strange all long dance, movement, thousands of asks and bids, thousands of digital human bits, the biggest calculator-computing ever faced. I don’t have any pretention about it’s all exclusive in the world, but it is real and exists. 

In Marrakech, all is simplified field, to forget you spend money, how you spend your time, and how you arrive to any result. Just goal, fun and customer satisfaction. Some, in several “evolved” countries may learn about that. The way how problems mute to solutions, in a few seconds and without any particularly difficulties, is amazing. An invisible perfectly staffed and organized, always there, straight to any desire, to make your life more simple and enjoyable. No time for trouble or worry, just pleasure. Sheer emotions, just perfumes, smells, noises and tastes. Web without spiders, with oriental angels who are working for you, the “choukran” network…

I love Morroco, I’ve been there more than 25 times, for work, pleasure and so long. It’s maybe the greatest mutation ever met in last years, on how modernization, culture spreading, IT evolvement ; unfortunately, crowd rest on diet, food and suppliances missing ; fracture between heath and poverty rises. And it should not, because of currency bring–in, if there was some kind of fair sharing ; several years with education changes and employment improvement, may change the doom, if people gives a hand for.

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I had a dream : people not go on losing its head in hunting fake things, in benefit of real things. I always tried to be so right and clean in my relationship, protect my family and spread pleasure and listen ability to others. But I must be right in front of the wall : this is more and more rare stuff…Because of fashion, competitivity, race for modern champions, we passby the pure and essential pearl : a short talk, a short moment of being in common, with no longer nothing to prove to anyone else. Just for fun. Just for pleasure. just for nothing !

I found this in some web communities, which can relate topics of simple things, feelings and so long, without any dues. Debt, paiment, dues, jealousy…vanished words. Useless. Useless if you want to. This is one’s decision, and this is the magic on the web, share, take pleasure, be useless, well such great moments !

We have to protect and keep in some way, a child’s mind, a child’s eye to make things go on. To make things simple and friendful. I’ll be a good partner for anyone has its goal, because I feel it so important to me, and a royal aim to serve the technology we received. Technology which could make it possible, but not to slave us. Human power not for power, but for human first, and share with most of us, around the world. Even those who don’t have anything can, often those who feel it the best way…

Tell me about this useless paper ?

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We have to live with : for XMas, no more petrol or caviar…Considering petrol prices, fuel stations, will soon more protected than Fort Knox !

What to do ?

Let’s create XMas share-event : there was already the “car-sharing”, create the “caviar-sharing”, “dinner-sharing”, “gift-sharing” (tip : we can be repayed in sending back the gift because no one owns it…), “households-sharing” (practicing, less tiring), “hangover-sharing”. It costs less and create less pollution.


Adding, we can make friends overall, in sharing these things, with who, we can speak about crisis, happy topic isn’t it ?!

it’s really interesting in these periods of loneliness people, deserted links, and so far, when some make feasts, others rest on the pavement…

End of the year, feasts which, by the way, began earlier each year : we can already buy our next year’s gifts, to be early…we can avoid sold out situations. Watching bulk in shops, we don’t really see crisis, in fact…Crisis, what crisis ?

But anyway, this creates employment, sometimes in “edged” situations. And afterall, we let the sturgeons quiet for a while, because caviar-sharing…Those which swim in petrol, they really have a “black gold” XMas…

Any advice, suggestion ? It was anything but humour moment…

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