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Everybody sees Happiness as an incredible quest, without seeing what’s in front of us. We always search for what we don’t have, forgetting to enjoy the daily simpliest pleasures. It seems to be a real crisis of happiness, while we forgot all we had, as little children, who themselves care for any few thing to come and bite life breathless. We all claim for more, but never organize us to understand, appreciate and consume the situations that could help us to get higher happiness. We just put it on doom, mischance or broken life, never source on ourselves to know us better and find the light inside. It must not be the fault of life. Or others. It might be our fault, just forgetting the meaning that we really put in our life. Consumption became a powerful exposition for fulfill our fitness indicators, and expose others, in order to seduce, capture or trick the game. It must stay pleasure first, as we don’t buy any good but values, brands or attributes…Marketing gurus got their own skills to show you in a mirror, that doesn’t reflect you anymore. We have to seed the “be” against the “have” and be inspired of it.

This summer, I’ve been really inspired, reading two books, under the hot sun of Tunisia. Happier from Tal Ben-Shahar and The Dip, little handbook from Seth Godin. One explaining path to more happiness, with lots of stories, examples and concepts, simply with bright exercises to follow a coherent line into the tale and being able to apply few rules, quite immediatly. I’ve noticed, through this awesome story, the underscored aspects of having in mind the two terms of appreciate pleasure: short-term shots, necessary because they are the fuel of each day we spend, and the deeper elements that shape the “meaning” of a whole life, used as guides, goals or long term sense. And to link both, we have to make a work on ourself to share and balance the benefits, resources and efforts to build something relevant and sustainable. We link then to the other guide by Seth G. about “quitting”, leaving something in our life, on several motivations: fear, doubt, too much effort or energy, difficulty, no more envy, mindset change or whatever that could make us shift. And that’s when this period comes, after the beginner’s chance or the one-shot short-term pleasure, that one must make choice: go on or leave? Who never thought about it or being confronted to a major choice in his/her life?

What does it mean? refusing happiness at the threshold? no pain, no gain?

And I found some correlative coincidences in the fear of the dip and the fact of “consuming” happiness, burning it too fast, without any plan, goal or forecast for meaning and without giving a long-term sense to life. Starting, beginning in something, diving into new experience, company, life need a snap of vision, envy, chance and motivation, but probably less energy because of novelty and curiosity. We all know how to get a small shot of pleasure, in simple few things we can allow us daily with meetings, close and personal thoughts and dedicated moments. But the real problem is to “process” them to make them scalable, sustainable and part of something bigger: goal. A kind of envision with steps to cross, the “complete estimated and fully hope” way of your life to be discovered. But how get to it while you don’t organize the way, the steps? If you consume all your energy, focused on short-term pleasure, when dip is coming, because it always does after a period of “trial”, the feeling of doubt, mistrust or despair will appear. Some will get from this, with lots of energy and target to grow the hard curve. But many won’t, because they will miss the whole vision of “sense” for their life.

But when you take time to set goals for achievements, giving you a “reason-to-live” beyond, you start to draw something more clear and valuable, all along the path…This gives you courage, force and energy, and maybe you won’t spend any time in the dip, surfing on pleasure, all along the steps. I tried to represent the way I figure it, on the second graph. Imagine you have a stairway, where each step is a new challenge, hurdle or thing to achieve, and for each step you will get all your attention to feel, learn and get all the lessons from: you’ll get more profitable time, enjoyable and memorize a lot more than if you don’t get any attention at all. But moreover, you will touch to a higher level of short-term pleasure and you’ll earn it forever. This is the principle of having a far away goal, while spending time to appreciate each part of the path to go there. While consuming your short-term pleasure, you’ll touch a well being level like a trigger, and function with a “ratchet effect”. What you earnt is forever, speaking about welfare level. And that’s a real funny way to share and balance between easy approach to solve daily stuffs, learn and feel, then dreaming of the big picture that makes sense for you. And the best way to get rid of this “haunting” dip, that demands so much efforts, pain and questions for you to go on

The best you plan for the future, the best you can appreciate all the strong steps to go there, and feel all the energy of passing the difficulties of life. “Success calls success” we could tell, like a process circle that gives you motivation, sense but joy in the action. Because a kind of “rat race”, refusing pleasure now for hoping it later is to ascetic, take time to stare the whole story, imagining how you could get tot he peak, enjoying all the phases, encounters and lessons that make the process. “If there’s a goal, there’s a way”, I could add “an enjoyable way”.

Don’t quit, ever, just have an enjoyable trip, reachable goals, reliable and fulfilling milestones, and trust for you to take right decisions with insightful and tuitions mindset. An eye on the horizon goal, the other on daily feelings. You’d better start now…

Resources if you want more:

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Jim Collins’s best seller “Good to Great” never finished to bring us all the details necessary to a perfect evolution of a modern company. Understanding that good is in fact, not so good at all, and finally a disadvantage, time has come to raise the level of competitivity of a corporation. Good is not good enough and need to enhance the conscious, but can be enough for lots of people, avoiding them to ask for excellence and greatness. That’s why Jim Collins drove a long years study, discovering and confronting “good” and “great” companies, to understand behaviors and differences of strategies, leading to change. I’d like to share a quick report of the principles keys, shaping the framework of results given by many interviews, meetings and talks with several executives and CEO. Interesting to see how structure, understanding and method can change the way we lead the business dance after digesting these different results.

1) Right people: any adventure you start, you have to play with good guys, right guys in fact; having right resources means not spending lots of money in motivations tools or process, by having DNA motivated guys to follow you, anytime you want.

2) Level 5 leaders: those who you want to follow by heavy weather too, in any situation against all transformations. Charism, good sense and ethic and far beyond basic business goals. Respectable, humble and close to executive, strong and straight decisions and last but not least: consistent. A kind of CEO you don’t forget, to pilot the business bus.

3) Brutal facts: they are for sure, and hide your face in the sand doesn’t make any sense. The best option is to face the reality with structure, skills and imagination. The more you consider it, the more you know your environment and know how to cope with it. a great and fantastic ability, buried into level 5 leaders core competencies, needed to right understanding of what’s going on…

4) Culture of Discipline: when you stare any modern and dynamic entity or try to explain the efficiency of a large corporation, there’s anything but discipline. If you have right people on the bus (see 1), you’ll get essence of discipline and motivation inside. Discipline includes organization, report, know all about your own responsability toward each other, a main competency for working in teams and large projects human groups. Army, as a comparison, can show a perfect model of efficiency of discipline when you have to cope with thousands of people on a whole operation to succeed. And if anyone knows his role in the larger project, the bus drives fast, surely and to achievement of initial goals.

5) the everlasting fashion dreams of “techs”: driven by IT, web 2.0 and web invasion, we think IT drives the world on its own. But none of it. IT makes things possible, but doesn’t create things, ideas, process and management. It forces us to change, revisit our old concepts, and shows us new possibilities. Web bubble increased the idea of “everything is possible”, without any improvement on HOW…we shall do it. If tech makes us dreaming, it seems “only” an accelerator and requires to have clear mind and strategy about how drive the company to success: business keys and positions to take. Techs are definitely not magic wand…

6) Faith? Everything in life needs faith. Faith for what you do, try, want, dream. If you stop having faith for what you believe, do or breathe, you won’t be excellent…You’ll miss the essential core of masterpieces. Spiritural side of your projects is important too, to feel the sheer face of problems, solutions and leadership. Any leader (religious, prophet, economic, politic…) has his own hidden side of unknown. But having faith always-on aside makes them more powerful and insightful for future.

7) the ongoing process of turning wheel (sometimes it even flies…!): when putting so much efforts and energy to get all those elements together, you don’t want to stop the movement. Getting part and involved in a whole shift for change, your old side is over. You nurtured a complex global machine, with each part in a single function, delivering value to the whole process. The inertia that has been generated can’t (must not) be stopped without throwing away all the efforts made so far. Too many changes in business navigation and you’re gonna lose teams and direction…You only make one good impression: the one you are, when you’re driving the change with leadership, success, method and charism.

This is the way for sure, to raise a “build-to-last” company, those one resist to crisis, transformation or turnover threats. Those who  will face competition with serenity

I made my mind forever with this book. I agree with these simple concepts because for one time they are fully real and concrete. Company lead seems complicated because we make (and keep) it complicated, to build barriers for our own interest and not for collective and social improvement. And as I started, talking about Jim Collins’ thoughts, “companies can’t find the way to greatness because they are good. And they consider them as good enough, not to change anything…”. A human mistake, because we’re only human, with egos and limits…

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Past the recent twirl around President Obama’s victory, we all could stare the invisible victory of social agents too. Disguising, intruding, tracking the next voice, social media tactics revealed true astonishing functions. “some goodies with no future” some says, “boring timelines and wasting time” others shout. Well, little rivers make big seas. And in this history, the first (Obama), beat the second, far enough. All those little intentions create an invisible force, like a prowling wave, rising, as far as noone could see it approaching. I hope French politics will take some lessons from this, in the aim of spreading use of social media, but to be more modern and in our times, by the way. This could be an “undust” operation for conservatives methods, and progress the explaination for corporations to be more friendly with social tools. As a matter of fact, buzz went in too, because of derivate effects of bulk passion and crowded wires. SearchGurus said it there, and I must admit it convinced me in a short second. Help of Chris Hugues from Facebook, and Rahaf Harfoush, provided the result…global, local, power and voice to people with new wires and ways of communication, those which came more natural for lots of trendy and young electors.

In fact every parts were joined, first, to a forecasted result. Why?

Politics has always been so much boring and sometime useless the people deserted interest and involvement for that matter. But, as if to say and in our daily lives, “a man can make alone all the work and trace the path”, that means that when we find the good one, faith is back. And in politics, as in social media, you can find the good guru, just like an elevator pitch that can burst you far beyond your goal. Faith, belief, trust. values that can give you extra powers. You just have to find the good one, and even you can choose more than one, but these coach. When you head to the poll zones, you have for most of you, already decided, who you’re going to choose, who of them is going to give you the light and coach your life.

It was really natural, people with such ‘heart shout’ for Obama, suffocated economics and fed up minds, that community had a real desire of expression. These are the fact in social media fields with the essence of social media power. And yes politics could use it daily now, in the way it provides new kinds of voices and explore brand new reactions. Even gamers started what we called “communities” by playing in several universes (no they did not encountered politics, but more dangerous creatures ;-), but in the fill of war and the art of mesuring themselves, they learned to fight with the best. No politic game is not what we can call “war”, but it reveals all the characters : the hero, the danger, friends and opposite camp.

Invite your friends in these worlds, find your hero and your way, and draw the line for a future collaboration, elevating yourself and others to new frontiers : set the new line for these “natural behaviors”, now politic world can share with us what people found since years: new kind of shared, talked communication. Web power to the people. from “zero-to-politic” to “politic 2.0”.

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Some days ago, I read on the newspaper a particularly interesting piece of life, regarding Indian workers, in Mumbai (called before Bombay), interesting in the human link, it was supposed to be, and the daily kind attention for this job. Let me tell you what can be an awesome illustration of social link…

Red or beige shirt, aside hat, running faster than cars, sometimes too near touching it, hurrying against walkers which don’t go fast enough, and carrying lots of meal boxes, high weighted. They go and stop thoughout streets of Mumbai, delivering meals to employees at offices, banks, administrations and companies, on time, with an accurate scheduled that can suffer late, they run sometimes for total 40 miles a day), and are counted as 5.000 doing it and serving people.

In the aim of each employee’s desire, they serve meals looking after, tastes, religions cares and variety, between eleven and noon, every day, crossing and crossing again, with targeted sectors, Mumbai across streets, with hot meals in metal boxes. They (they are called “dabbahwallahs”) prepare in their homes several meals, put in boxes and separate into sectors, for delivering, on times, according to sheduled asks. Each attendant knows by heart its sector and customers in its zone. Their logic is perfect (and btw according to Forbes, ranked as a Six Sigma method, probably the most efficient, customer care and satisfaction, management method), they’re never wrong, making no mistakes. It comes to be a serious study case in the best business schools in the world. They follow accurate process codes to make a perfect delivering: no late, no missing, no alcohol…Serious people for serious job. To make the deal right, each box has codes, figures, letters to indicate to the sutler the right destination, the way to reach it, even with change of waiter in some cases. Every waiter follows an “initiation period” for 6 months, before getting plenty of job, and recruters are very vigilant about new ones.

That made my day. I’ve always had kind of admiration for innovation, creation and people who know how to “cope with it”, because of without any money, you can still have ideas and courage. Hope doesn’t make all, but it helps a lot. It seems like poverty, crowd, but hope, is more powerful than money, and take revenge against too many destabilized business. A real courage and success story, a lesson for humanity, share and kindness, a shortage of service relation care with customers, those who pay for it, like it, and ask for it again. In this kind of fidelity, there’s an invisible hand that guide us to be better, take care of each other, a social link that never goes out. I’m a fan, for sure, I’m voiceless facing the truth and so much simplicity, sometimes we forget…

To learn more : Wikipedia / CNN

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I’m a featured blogger for SMT, which is celebrating its first birthday. Happy birthday to this fabulous working and blogging place, with so many interesting people, friends and buddies. Let’s think about many more birthdays in the future, with great events, features and widgets so long !


Happy party to all team with (Jerry, Lucy, Robin, Mark and so many others…!)

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That is. You did it, you create your own profile, on one of these famous digital places. You started saying it loud, moaning around all your friends, family, jobmates, and so long; maybe some unknown people joined your personal circle (I hope so). And you decided to bring some content, to talk about your tastes, your creations, well your whole life, and start to nude you, in a public timeline…Yes you can. you’re in a digital world of trust, those which won’t give up, won’t let you down, never ever. Then you realized that you’re a hard producer, in fact…pictures, videos, music, creation, craftship, books, posts, human causes…toward a clever life, in community and human sanity. Yes, all that you never spoke about, you never tell anyone, all that matter you’re really proud to show to the gallery…your personal buddies gallery. Let’s see some of these magic sites, where you can publish and share, the shape of your heart and mind.

Here you can draw your personal profile, more efficient, in a funnier way…and find who seems to be like you, taste after taste, discovering the famous quote “who seems alike, links together…”. It’s unbelievable, such several people that feel like you thousand miles away: music, video, wine, parties…Just like a sacred database of potential friends who can teach and learn, to each other: information for a trip, product to buy, movie to see…a huge “Users Generated Advises/Tastes” that can make you saving time and money, and often having fun too. Yes fun, react, comment, give an advise, whatever, are lots of ways to make better digital meets, digital exchanges. Give life to something boring, without taste, find new interests in life. Share your interests and tastes for wine, books, trips and places, can give you new tracks of interests, parallels, similars, in the aim of upgrading your skills, knowledge and what you can learn about….you. You can post tags too, letting you find easily documents you prefer, and join groups, commited by similars interests, sometimes for happy few circles. Bring you new emotions, new hobbies and take part of “online games” of sharing stuffs, waiting for eyes of the world. I don’t really know hom much exchanges, posts, documents each day are created, but it’s not supposed to get overbooked yet. There’s always something to discover, to learn.

Take the tour, try one or several sites, first stare and hear people’s creations, you’ll quickly find your way in these friendly circles. Show you as you really are, don’t be afraid, prepare to be applaused and welcomen by citizens of the whole world. And don’t forget: listen to your heart, and trust the one you prefer: you.

You missed the #1 episode of this fabulous story? take a look here, and get your breath to stay in time for #3, that will speak about “what you say and what you write”, on evidencesx’s network of course.

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Salesman is a hard job you know. But customer is too. And just like husband and wife, it’s the couple of the year !

Be careful about your neighbourhood, friends, family…customers. There are not invicible, there’s a no way track, a dead end job where economics, troubles and unstability may drive them. Selling is an art, giving pleasure, uses and products where one can buy it. It’s unbelievable how it can be a burst way to explode ourselves, in achievement, goals and even philosophy. But one can take the trap, if you’re not advised, blinded by ambition and foolish games. Let me introduce you to another plan, in more clever path, with ABC of selling maze…

  • Let’s consider that, with “no target, no customers…”; what is it all about ? You can run, like a nut dog for quantity obsession, “raping” customers (who are not in fact, because they didn’t choose to be…), giving more than they need and want. Think about it: when you start to shoot, first you stare at the target. If you don’t, you fail. When you imagine to sell, it’s the same music…if you don’t target the audience, you won’t find the best customers, those who are going to buy more, and more longer with fidelity. But you will sell anything, to anyone, breaking the brand integrity, and making your action a short time effect. OK you decided to shoot in a more accurate way. you get the target ready…
  • Well, you’re tired because you targeted all that moved, and still have no sales…Why ? “no customers, no sales“, it’s obvious. When you targeted, selected some islands of potential buyers, you must now talk to them…ranking them by parts, marketing items : age, job, potential wages, household with or without children – don’t forget they are real agents of potential spendings -, activities, hobbies, where and how they live, and so long. You start the famous ranking and segmentation, that is going to be the next milestone of your selling plan. Not for pleasure, but just because you don’t talk to a 10 year’s old boy as you do with his parents or grandparents…And even if the product is the same – I suppose it’s not, but anyway! -, the way you’re going to sell it and to talk about its qualities, is obviously the same way…Several paths for several customers, but for the same product…You start as well to write some selling bullet points for salesforce: presentation, pros and cons, selling notes. You enforced the tools, ready for the next step…
  • No products, no sales…” ; that is…have you identified the right ones, is there enough quantity in stocks, what is the speed of turnover, and production cycle ; are you limited, have you to select how many to sell or can you sell to anybody ? yes, you know like me, that a good salesman can even sell a product that doesn’t exist…;-) ; but that’s not a responsable behavior: you will shoot once, then you’ll be out of order by your bad boy reputation…Don’t forget the triple AAA, in Coca Cola worldwide strategy: Anywhere, Aware, and Available.
  • Take it easy, still few steps to success. More difficult than ever…”no method, no sales“. You’re strong like a bull, enforced by tools, products, lots of targets and selling notes. Anyway, how are you’re going to cope with it, do you know all the story of customer’s needs ? It’s like you drive a car as you’re blind. Full crash for sure, end of the story. You have to spend time to understand the “needs” of your customers. They will thank you a thousand times, more than the product itself !
  • The method is simply, listen…Nowadays, we forget too much listening our environment: advises, tastes, behaviors -yes body’s langage too-, experiences. It’s not hazard case to be there in a collective thematical website, yes, but web2.0 settlements, not at all, it’s just to share, stare, listen…yes practice what we call “active listening” to note the tinest detail about what the story of the product might be for your customer. Not for another. For this one. Each customer has a story to tell, considering the product’s finally use. Before closing the deal, don’t forget to know the right story; if you don’t, you will be hated first, but the brand you work for, will get a serious kick in its reputation…

Ready ? ready for a long story, embracing the job, ready to spend time and time, hearing stories, troubles, but hopes and destinies of future good deals, good sales. Sales you won’t never forget, you’ll be proud of. Sales customers want and call back. Because, products are there to be used, but there to tell stories too…Be a part of these stories, be the main character, the prince which saves the bride.

Coming soon: why can’t anyone be a salesman ?

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