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When was the last time you’ve been “ethical”, aware and  happy to be?

If you spend more than a minute to find an answer, you’d better probably go on reading this short essay. Seems old temptations and reflexes have a long run to do with it. We live in a world of more and more “relations”, that have explosed with our ability and skill to contact “more” than “better”, in the social web. We browse social, we live in communities, share circles, tastes and advises…pushed by fear of being alone, mainstream and without any personality or footstep. And this situation drives us toward “more”, but in some surface relations. We may miss something, you know…

The essence and increasing need for ethics: business

Considering last crisis and their impact on populations (physics, mental and bankruptcy) and economics (banks, mainstream business, even countries), we should say “stop” to something, and be perfectly “in the know” for the threats and dangers of driving business without any barriers and control. And that’s “anyone’s job” to be careful about we lead business: I mean we are in this situation because moreoften, people say “it’s not my job” to be careful, and everybody gives the responsability to his neighbour, who does even the same…Time is now to step with attention, attention for our way of doing business, attention for whoelse does it as well. And obviously, it’ “anybody’s job” to take care of his whole circle of play. When nobody cares for nothing, the whole force of community doesn’t work anymore and behaves like individual decisions, without coherence. Professions like lawyers, doctors…have a kind of oath they can be proud of, and that gives them a strong frame of reference to drive their business, teaching what they’re supposed to do, and what they are not. As MBAs started their own process, I find it interesting as business leaders, before business, must have a clear circle of references in leading and managing teams, with ethics. Business you lead, business you’ll get. It’s exactly the same for teams, leaders must be the example on who they can mesure their achievement, pace and style. But moreover and beyond papers, books and process, our own mind should drive us to more humanity with the dance of doing business. Crisis know that, we know crisis but we forget really quickly in fact…Hurricanes make real disasters for people

Relations with new game : why Ethics always “pay” in the end?

Does it have to “pay”? I mean, relations don’t consist in a permanent exchange, comparing duties and rights. Relations mean a soft dance, where there’s a rolling conversation, with truth, trust, relevance and understanding. No need for reciprocity, introducing Seth G’s lichpin concept: “art is emotional labor, and emotional labor makes you an artist, spreading gifts, with no obvious returns”. I think way of praticing ethics (in any field) is like “spreading gifts and art” of believe in trust and strong basements for business (and yes sustainable social relations). Will it pay? none bucks, nor celebrity, just something more valuable: aknowledgements. You become “worthy”, trustable and someone with whom others want to meet, take insights from and have aside in negociations and relations.

The social and professional insights in Ethics

You could find this really boring, meanstream, past. Right. But none in fact, if you spend a few time wondering what can bring you value in life, right now…? Most insightful people are so artists in fact, none “workers”. Those who are gonna change something in way, behavior, thinking, ideas, those who dare something. Such creators do the difference and know how to bring value in ethical way, because it’s a whole and community movement that get everyone together in a group concept. Ethic becomes so a “way of creating” that it can’t be optional anymore: overtake personal ambitions, shareholders dreams and pressure, political games and spend our time on pure pleasure of bright, proud and useful brainwork with no underwords. For the sheer essence of creating something shifting the crowd, with high and clever insights, delighting the long way to participation and collaborative thoughts. Doctors engaged, lawyers have guides, business must drive its own excellence rules, to reborn trust and reliance in business relations and process. To see beyond “friends” of Facebook, friending and linking has a real sense, a relation asset that has to be done in the rules too: no tricks but tips, time is now to show us in real shape, even if the digital profiling helps us to hide, ethics is the better face we have to share…

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