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I remember economics lessons with game theory, thinking everything was linked and causaly dependant, with other’s decisions. An awesome ocean of decisions for who want to bet, play and guess about some kind of destiny. Destiny that can worth millions of money, and write a whole history.

Prowling in the deep tracks of social web drive us to some unknown discoverings, that could be helpful to “think out of the box” and reborn some innovation. Hazard encounters, thematic speech and exchanges build our mindset for new reflexions. And that must exist now, to fuel the future. Even if it’s “only” tools, networks and fields, the path to social encounters, crossroads to information and access to knowledge means that there’s a kind of strategy, that could be reworked again and again. While lots of companies still don’t know which stategy is right or wrong, and wait for the first mover to come to follow tracks, mathematics of Nash equilibrium say us that a decision has a price: a price to pay, a price to receive, according to our choice.

This figure shows quickly how brands/companies (eg A and B), fight for a strategy move, and wonder each other decision, while they don’t have any information of other intentions. You’ll see that according to choices done, the expenses and revenues are not obvious to be equal…We make the hypothesis that each company can’t communicate and tell the other his intention (it would be illegal consensus, you know…a forbidden behavior in business world). It’s the business game, not only a fake matrix, every day, companies bet about which competitor is going to move, and which decision each is gonna take. Thrills, risks and grinding faces. One way to escape is for sure invest and create an free ocean of playing, enlarging the value levels or creating new levels of service for existing key factors: going wide far, to create a blue ocean. This allows to take decision considering the competition field and create new rules, win new customers or draw a new market.

And networks? Did you ever wonder how information flow in the “social web” and the contact network? Can we make parallels and comparisons with the decisions taken in business matrix, so far. Do I have to accept this new “friend” and if yes, what will it change in the spread of my network and access to new segments of knowledge? And if I say no, what will I miss, avoiding me from new informations, that could increase my competitive advantage…?

Not a game…Not really sure. Life is a game, business is a game, rules for sure, rules to come. Still, we have to trust our sheer pulses to make sense, out of these “matrix”. Because life with rules doesn’t mean “only” matrix and decisions are often taken without any relevant and concrete bases…Yes it’s true, according to serious players…there’s sometimes no evidence for decision making, and there’s still a large ocean for impressions, feelings and thanks for a long time…

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