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I’m always breathless in front of people initiatives, like when lots of men or women, decide only for others welfare, to go in the same direction, giving help, some money or knowledge, in the goal of a whole community construction. It seems like a silent force, that builds itself with the project and vanish away, as the project starts. What are motivations, how can they grow as fast as they do, and make something real, while other attempts stayed successless?

I think making sense is one of the first step, before even thinking of doing money or business…VC or banks could be feared of such ideas, but money comes, money goes, as often the idea and the company builds itself. If you’re making sense, if you follow kind of karma, belief or conviction, you will be probably more motivated and in the conditions of success, even if resources are still missing. Faith and force can move mountains, and are able to give vision and empowerment for teams.

I followed some ventures like kiva.org or zopa, that are bright examples of lots of silent forces which take form in whole projects, all over the world, with borrowers they don’t know who build their own small business of various kind. I like the idea trust can be a real engine of innovation, with no other frontier than being interested in “one another”. It seems like, after human created money, human returned to human, in being aware of the concrete life of creating “things” and not money.

Kiva, doing an awesome local work of intermediate between poor actors who want to create their own business, and “social” lenders who want to help, succeed since they started in 2005, to raise loans until nearly 130 $ millions…Incredible when you know that average amount is “only” of $ 187 per lender…that suppose “bulk” actively shapping the future of many small business!

But to do so, it has to be scheduled in a perfect process, allowing security, transparence, real social needs and projects and kind of “return” assurance that projects and money are concretely built. Process pass through several steps, including examination of outreaching social/poors intents, customization of the project to the target, side benefits for environment, climate and families and the responsability of local agents – who identify projects and make them “buyable” -. More than 330.000 business have now received money from Kiva’s help…for a refund rate of more than 98%…serious, isn’t it?

Recently, reading at MIT sloan review, was an interesting link to kind of essay on “science of management”, as we start to think in matter of “science” for management. Maybe limits of classical and rational aspects of managements have been overflowed and we need to get into another dimension: roots, DNA and genome. The MIT Collective Intelligence Center acts on research on group, communities and crowd dynamics, going one step further: is there any doom-like, predictive facts or figures that could explain, collective mindset and results?

Staring at motivations, we can see there’s a silent crowd and power that makes all these collective masterpieces, probably born in a common envy for innovation. Because ideas and thoughts are the beginning of anything, they are nothing without envy, motivation and collective passion. Some might add “execution”, and they are right. I call it the “power of bulk”, you know, the bulk that is shaped with “one” and “another”, whom taken apart can’t succeed, but in a collective dynamic trend, can move mountains. I believe, I believe in dynamic of change, I hope it’s probably the only thing that is equally shared. This kind of behaviour and mindset, shaping the two faces of change is extremely powerful: a kind of positive human force some companies know of, innovation engine drifted by initiative, feeling and sense. “Sense always guides to a useful goal”, means it’s the first step to find: giving a whole collaborative sense to any project, idea or group work, to sustain envy, motivation and core soul.

I would end my demonstration with the idea of “do something” (borrowed to dosomething.org by Nancy Lublin). This idea of empowering sleeping forces, in our deepest places of body and soul, leading them to “offline” concrete entreprises, with dynamic groups is really interesting. Not really with much leans or money (she prays for “zilch” experience), but willingness to achieve something. Just action to “do something” to make a “thing done”, to build a community experience, using social links, web and apps to raise efficiency and leverage. If more is less, so less can be a single atom, the essential genoma of inno-ciency, merging whisper of an idea to accuracy and force of action…

And I’m always starving for this…

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