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stumbleupon_48x48 How can you say nowadays you’re opened to bring credibility so far to ads and communication, talking about products, you are not ready to buy? How far do you trust to classical tunes and sirens of many brands, even in the best of them, thinking in the same time, they’re gonna give you a former dream of what you don’t really need…? Because you used to be attacked by lots of promotions and messages from outter spaces, by sales machines that don’t necessary laugh. Now you’re deaf, turning the back to boring behaviors leading to a mistrust, going to disinterest for buying anything you don’t absolutely need. Communication break, communication problem of trust. What are next, the main tracks to recover link, warm and demand, for a classical relation between brands – sales aims – and targets, that could refind the sweet and sheltering feeling of consuming?

tweeter_48x48 We all need friends, guides and mentors. So do social media and entourage are. And living their life, those partners can help you, recovering trust and self interest for brands innovation. Here comes the power of “care entourage”, and what we can call “MeCommerce” = Recommendation + e-commerce. This concept, probably coming from “social shopping” links experiences of consumers and potentials goals of buying brands. Aren’t the best advisors, what we usually see in bloggers and influencers, and nearest from you, your entourage, your friends?

The consumer becomes himself a real ambassador of the brand, by consuming and giving others willingness to do the same thing. It’s now a real trend to talk about what we felt, we bought or tried. Posts, pictures, comments, can say often longer than ads. It’s, like all social media behaviors, a matter of trust, of “who believes in you”…The fact is that when times are tough, trust is not obious anymore and it’s more difficult to have all consumers ears and attention. Even you’re not suspicious, we’re fed up with brands that talk about them without anything to say but “buy me”, or any personality in their goodwill. Let’s create brands that speaks about ME, YOU, customers, consumers…a story with taste and flavour. Let’s reinvent the breakthrough, the evangelism of the brands. But it’s a far walk from “here to there”.

When you’ll go to your next dinner, open your ears and listen people who talk about experiences, brands and new boughts they did. You will learn another way of life, another spirit of social warm and share. Then you’ll look at the next ads on TV with a different state of mind…

MeCommerce starts too with stuffs like “market lodge“, application for Facebook, that can make you a potential seller/advisor for products you know/you bought. It’s a more mercantile way we can afford, but as any social shouts of links, runs with the community voice. You can select, grab and share products, in the shape of your tastes and personality, product sized to your mind, according to your values and spirit. And the story begins…whispers around you, that make the tomorrows of the brands, tomorrows influenced by more and more little tiny things, they sometimes don’t see…

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A short report to make facts and statements about what we can consider as a real innovation in TV, not in the contents itself, but in the new way people could watch it. Even if we can be full of scepticism regarding our ability/likeness to watch a great blockbuster or sport event in a too small screen, reality makes the dream, in some uses, true. But how deep?

Yes, we have some contents really developped for mobile, yes we have devices more and more cute (Iphone and wider screens for example). We have probably potential consumers generation Y and youngest can mix their instability and skills to do lots of things in mobility situation, and stay in fashion and hype lights with such stuffs. The idea itself, in bulk’s mind, traces its own way. And past major actors in TV – contents and broadcast -, believe maybe in a strong growth potential, that could make them always powerful and protected from nightmares.


See below some elements of 2007 survey by iresearch.com…Too early?

Reading about last IDATE survey about mobile TV, let’s shout some cruel points, that make reality now, of a growing model we see, with no arriving target yet, in the ability to raise profits, in a sustainable period.

It seems all the movers in around the mobile tv business, could not find the rulebook to make, for sure, profits in a long term area. No business model has been revealed, nor proofs about the value chain in the same time. Talking about fans of free models or relevant of paying fees prayers, nobody can find a model that works, in the fact it’s a foggy market…lost in the forest of majors interests, actors, and not the least, uses…Who can let from here to eternity, his usual tv behaviors?

Talking about selling prices, saying what the final consumer expected to accept to pay (between 8-10$ a month), this could not be much comparing to fixed costs and investments costs to supply the service. Talking about free models, regarding to financing by ads revenues, experts say that it’s obvious a potentially huge market but increasing commercial success but not profits, so far…As we can see, it’s a fighting place between editors (tv channels) and operators (broadcast, wires), and the best would be a strong partnership, that could divide the costs, and share them according to each business model. When will it appears? No body can’t really say it, because no bulk signal from consumers has been confirmed yet, waiting so far, prices and uses, according to “users centrics” behaviors.

TV screen can still make us dream and mobile can make us giving the voice.

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Here we are, this is the fourth episode for social cruise in the social applications fields. Started with your professional profile and your tastes, we go on the adventure with a question mark on us…who knows me on the web? and who I really know too? Don’t say you never asked it, lost in the deepest forest of wire power. Use your “Google juice”, know your reputation on Naymz, or get your twitter grade, all these schedule’s ways help you to find the truth, and increase your influence on the web.

There’s circles of linked contacts, where you can learn, what are interactions between you and the rest of of the www.


Here you can find several apps to share your “presence” and your linking power. Then, everybody can know how touch you, who you touch and who you know, what you allow to show to others. And you can map your “friends” circle to see which interactions you can find between two contacts, while you think they didn’t met before. Interesting, because of famous quote “together are people who are similar”. Fortunately, Social Media can help you growing, in the quest of meeting new people completely different from you…It’s one of the best exciting stuff, taking risks and discover always new things with new people. A cute app called “lijit“, that can make you graphs, links and drawing representations of your influence, network and links.

You can step and build your own community, skipping toward apps like ning or French affinitiz, an invite your closest members to a smaller circle, to target more and more, the subjects you want to share. As you do, you’re more accurate in the way others know you, and you can discover more things about your new private members. You can do more rooms in Friendfeed, so long in Facebook groups too, to increase the precision of your exchanges. Some say to know really people, you can’t manage more than 150 friends in first sight, or first level, to make a real relation in a sustainable and valuable way. How many of you have more…? Do you use to send and read more of them, when they publish, send, share something? Do you consider you know them “well”? And according to your work, can ou say all your friends can remember and talk about you, your tastes and your profile as well..? No really answers, because of the jungle and the precipitation we do, in adding contacts as we collect bugs or stamps…

“Choose is saying no to others” ; between lots and few, is there any chance to accurate the relation we share and the face we want to show to others? Do you think, people which know you want to make you in relation with others they know, or don’t want to? What kind of echo do you send back, to any contact you have on the web, communities or posts? More you step forward, more you’ll like it, people are awesome in their faculty to welcome…Up to you to be appreciated, in the time you need to…As real life, pay attention to others is such more relevant and valuable than running faster than the wind! Take your time, enjoy people like you would like them to enjoy you, and get the best of them…But most of all “know yourself well” is the mirror of your investment in others…

Ready for the next session ? don’t miss #5 “what I know or what I search”, on Evidencesx’s network, of course !

And for those who missed the former episodes, you’ll find them on recent archives, there#1, there#2 and there#3

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