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A novel to enlarge points of view of 2.0 wave in companies, while some of them are frightened by 2.0 applications and uses in their walls. An Inside report, full of concrete and real acts, hopeful I swear…

Companies are still shy about social platforms usings in the field of their core business, and with their employees. But nobody can’t now ignore the generation Y, because of its potential and in the way they’re now building the next future stories of companies behaviors, renewal of old process, reshaping our habits. But some of them, even in the most important corps, do. They seem to be hypnotized, sometimes by surprise, but by the fear and threat they seem to feel too. Fear? Yes, for sure. The battle for information is since several years, settled down in all commitments, and often produce rude wars. Audience can make the fire bigger, and that’s why, there’s an inside, invisible and covering curse, that is named “ability to express yourself without any control”, ability eased by 2.0 tools and practices. Mistrust now makes the deal, and enemies of social web are spreading new rules to slow use of it, setting control panels for users, but instead of controlling users, trying to control contents. An endless quest, far from reach, and difficult to achieve. Companies often make mistakes, are wrong about the target: controlling why not, if control makes higher quality of contents, participation and moderation; but if the aim is controlling contents, all of it, from reading to forbid using, it’s not why I call “a progress, exploiting all potential”. They might have lots of give up in jobs, in the genY rows…Because, they’re born in, with it, by it. They don’t know how to manage without such behaviors and work inhabits.

We can say social web facilitate spreading ego behaviors and self promotion, but why would it be bad, according the fact that you work for a company, which could exploit, serve its interests, by using your personal shining success, mixing it with its own brand…Be sure some do it. Why gen Y couldn’t use social web (Facebook, LinkedIn…) as they use their mobile – personal stuff btw -, at the office?

But there’re really some obvious advantages, pros for social apps. According to McKinsey ‘s last survey “building the web 2.0” and others, we can underline 4 among them, probably more to follow…

1) Inside communication, by the fact that is facilitated, speeded, with IM, micro-blogging and so long

2) Companies events, organisation, subscriptions management and the ability to react live, comment and make the events more alive and real time

3) Training and coaching, ability to follow more efficiency employees and executives, in their career, wish and next steps of progression; some bad advisors may see another “big brother” in there, maybe, maybe not…a risk to remind

4) Innovation and change management, ability to move quickly; immobile corps are dead and social apps can make you go faster and a step ahead, before competitors

So, we talked about controlling yes, but controlling users, some identified users with potential, treating them as stars, leveraging their work, facilitating communication, can get you on the highest step of the wall. And become the star of Gen Y, a company where youngest like to work in, a innovating brand, forecasting the future, leading markets.

I know it’s really difficult not to control brand, valuation and goodwill of a company, but I’m afraid it’s quite now really impossible in the facts: that’s why, set your efforts on moderators, opinion leaders and not on what they write/say. Add them on levels of strategy, they’re the most adequate way to buzz and take the information to the highest leverages levels to consumers and stocks markets. Communication is a hard job  but let’s jump from public relation to public relationship, warmer and more friendly. And be sure the most thing to avoid: block, forbid using of it will drive to internal revolution, bad notoriety and something like rejection of brand…

You can visit this new expert’s site for talent managementand if you like to gear up, read this funny guide…funny, but real. Don’t forget.

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Next step for awesome travel with web buddies, here we are in the third cut: saying, writing are two other ways to show you who you are, and share what you think. The same rules are here, don’t forget respect, chatting, open mind oriented, and you’ll get more other friends next.

You started, everybody begins to know some things, some personal things about you, but you only “showed” people, these things, without any comment or two ways relation. It’s time to choose other places to grave your destiny, your digital picture into real facts. Express yourself, tell it to the world, get into new applications, to spread your life, your thoughts, advises, shouts, reactions. You’re more alive…

Right. You jumped what you considered as alien lands, unknown realms, managed your fear and shiness, there’s nobody really dangerous or rude. Life gives you what you are, what you gave, invested in each other. You can push the limits in hiring energy in nature, elements and behaviors. You are, in a kind of way, master for your doom, choosing the path you decided, in the speed of your learning face.

Choose between, write, draw, speak or post…there is a solution for everybody, each of these ones, shaped to your personality, surrounding and feeling. For more “lazy” people, short mood or informations, micro-bloggings like Jaiku, Twitter, Plurk or Pownce. Collect your contacts, hearing them, say what you think, from web or mobile, and when you’re ready, get into your personal dairy: your blog. If you find something you want to share, let’s make it in front window, to catch the attention of timeline. Make it real, don’t break the world voice and the spirit of humanity. Get your kicks ready for foolish ventures, you’ll never forget anymore. Don’t forget to put links to other’s masterpieces to complete your subjects, and get other visions of your favorite topics. While you learn and are active in some communities, you can link your blog to other communities, and post, comment directly too. Use socialmediatoday, social networks around the world, mybloglog, share your favorite subjects and get advises from the best bloggers or contributors in social life. You will never regret, if you do the job and respect the rules of social media. There’s nothing to hide, be yourself, be nature. Reading and writing stories, about you and your life, interest for sure lots of people, don’t be doubtful. It’s just a matter of time to leave your fingerprints – no no, not hollywood boulevard place yet! -, in the PR rates, and quickly, your story will appear in SEO results…

When you provided enough contents about you, invite your friends to discover it…you’ll have so much surprises, and your friends too…So many personality dark faces you hide until this moment, suddenly appear by light, to everybody. Yes, you succeed too, to make your own strip-tease…A kind of real life psychology exercise for yourself. With lots of fun, entertainment and meets. when you’ll be a must contributor, you’ll be able to track the next applications and widgets, that improved your “juice” on social fields…

Ready for the next session ? don’t miss #4 “who I know and who know me”, on Evidencesx’s network, of course !

And for those who missed the first episodes, you’ll find them on recent archives, there#1 and there#2

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Some days ago, I read on the newspaper a particularly interesting piece of life, regarding Indian workers, in Mumbai (called before Bombay), interesting in the human link, it was supposed to be, and the daily kind attention for this job. Let me tell you what can be an awesome illustration of social link…

Red or beige shirt, aside hat, running faster than cars, sometimes too near touching it, hurrying against walkers which don’t go fast enough, and carrying lots of meal boxes, high weighted. They go and stop thoughout streets of Mumbai, delivering meals to employees at offices, banks, administrations and companies, on time, with an accurate scheduled that can suffer late, they run sometimes for total 40 miles a day), and are counted as 5.000 doing it and serving people.

In the aim of each employee’s desire, they serve meals looking after, tastes, religions cares and variety, between eleven and noon, every day, crossing and crossing again, with targeted sectors, Mumbai across streets, with hot meals in metal boxes. They (they are called “dabbahwallahs”) prepare in their homes several meals, put in boxes and separate into sectors, for delivering, on times, according to sheduled asks. Each attendant knows by heart its sector and customers in its zone. Their logic is perfect (and btw according to Forbes, ranked as a Six Sigma method, probably the most efficient, customer care and satisfaction, management method), they’re never wrong, making no mistakes. It comes to be a serious study case in the best business schools in the world. They follow accurate process codes to make a perfect delivering: no late, no missing, no alcohol…Serious people for serious job. To make the deal right, each box has codes, figures, letters to indicate to the sutler the right destination, the way to reach it, even with change of waiter in some cases. Every waiter follows an “initiation period” for 6 months, before getting plenty of job, and recruters are very vigilant about new ones.

That made my day. I’ve always had kind of admiration for innovation, creation and people who know how to “cope with it”, because of without any money, you can still have ideas and courage. Hope doesn’t make all, but it helps a lot. It seems like poverty, crowd, but hope, is more powerful than money, and take revenge against too many destabilized business. A real courage and success story, a lesson for humanity, share and kindness, a shortage of service relation care with customers, those who pay for it, like it, and ask for it again. In this kind of fidelity, there’s an invisible hand that guide us to be better, take care of each other, a social link that never goes out. I’m a fan, for sure, I’m voiceless facing the truth and so much simplicity, sometimes we forget…

To learn more : Wikipedia / CNN

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