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And more efficient, probably. Imagine, one day, you’re a little tired, out of work, troubled because you don’t know how to handle with daily life : work, family, sport, children education, and so long. You’re doing your best but no success and no real achievement. Right. That’s your story, you , me, all. So, in a quiet mindy situation, you stare about the different solutions: change your life, change your sex (!), suicide, bank robbery, kill your boss…Psychoanalysis. Don’t worry, it’s just normal life; normal nowadays life.

You search for a psychiatrist in your neighbourhood, if possible you never saw before, and not too expensive; you start looking in the mirror, but it’s not talking. You know that you’re going to start a deep introspection in you, finding not only what you like to, but, here goes the sense of your history. Knowing you, knowing the “different you”. OK, the sofa is comfortable (proportionaly with cost of sessions !), and you are musing with the voice, spreading your life into white paper sheets, with an voiceless witness; you’re not tired anymore because of this “rest place”; your wife/husband, starts to ask where you go, so often, and becomes suspicious. What happens next ? You probably know less than before, maybe you turn fool, searching and searching, in a spinning wheel situation, maybe now you’re alone, poor, and not cured anymore…No way street.

And you discover, by random walks or with a friend’s sanity, social web…Great. No sofa, no soft voice, no charge (!), but real audience, with lots of opinions and points of view. The human mirror, live, for you, fountain of youth (yours), new life, reborn of what was dead : your ability of reaction. Suddenly, just like thousands of (peace) warriors, come aside, walk with you ; you can even find friends, you would never have met if not. Great. Anything else than spreading your life too, in web pages but main the difference is (yes, the price too !), that no one judges you, everything is like an endless masterpiece, common piece, with everybody’s contribution. Rebuilding you. With conscience, sanity, glory, and pleasure. I personally prefer blogging…There’s no disguise, only good walks, encounters. And if there is any surprise, it raise me up. No troubles anymore, but find time to learn more and more.

Yes, path is long, and sometimes trapped; but no regrets, seeing how communities are developping themselves, each day. You breath is calm, you sleep well, protected by wired angels, guided by your soul. a kind of new internal peace…

You’re worrying with the psychiatrists ? Do not, their last customers are psychiatrists without customers anymore…

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