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I must admit at first, the answer would not going out from my mouth such easily…But, it’s an enough attracting field to mind some time about it. 

Considering TV phases evolutions (here, a past post), we see an amazing window of the world, of our world, and how it evolves. But causes produce effects. Effects on TV, are always user’s generated, some by fashion snifs, some by trend setters, some by random (yes sometimes…), and even by professionnals (of course !), but always in the tail of something much deeper : search of audience. Great. But which audience ? Any good head of programs, can see that there’s a lot of different audiences, just like you can find all kind of crackers on any store ! Let’s see what we can stare today about different roles of modern TV :


– entertainment : yes, we do ; everybody does, with its own profile, themes, and daily shows. Can we act on TV ? polling, trying to be live in a show, complaining…a kind of action, which is nothing else that guided by fear of several majors networks to lose their audiences, obliged them in a shape of “customer/user” relationship,  which is not really a big deal so far.

– information : yes, too ; what kind ? too much information, drive information to be a show, more than delivering news to/from the world ; is CNN right now an information channel, or delivering fiction ? There must be a doubt about that sometimes…

– learning : yes, but there is some great differences in several countries ; I guess this is one of the most important play of TV in the next future years, to make things right by satellite anywhere, adding deserted zones, wireless…But so far, it’s more faster on the web now, and more pleasant to do. And trusty, too.  

– useless time : it exists when we use to stay and don’t come to the right decision : switch off. And this time of brain is particularly wealthy for ads performers ; no injure, no violence, “medium is message” said Mc Luhan years ago ; we just mind that it was on TV, but what…still the question. But brain is available, not in social connection, in a vegetable one 😉

– sex : yes, of course, more and more, everywhere, (in soap and ads…) ; mirror of our weird times, where no one can meet anymore but by the web, wire connected, digital profiles, sometimes unreal in SL ; so what, is this called social so far ?

So, in one word if I can, TV can broadcast all that makes a social trusty tool, but…TV gives, but doesn’t receive from anyone. You can have in one place full of interesting things, but never have to react, not even have the ability to. You can amuse, learn, lose your time (!). But so far, not the rich way, you can on social web, where all can be shared and exchanged in one minute, for free, with thanks, congrats and kindness…with the best you can find, when you have some skills to stare and listen… 


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We can’t still figure out how our uses has changed. Even our old inhabits must get new skin, in daily reflexes. For long times, Search engines and portals gave the tune, and made the market’s raise. And always driven to never stop evolution, Google and friends, had to show the way, and give more and more. They succeed, in a single concept, copied next by most competitors. “Mess with best, and die with the rest” could be otherwise the timeline and the basements of such corps. As in lots of others fields of industry, many things have changed because of…people…customers…you…us.

Yesterday’s rules won’t ever pass the test, because people, by power of technologies revolution, has so many ways to be more clever, in real time and always connected mind. And give the answer to many problems of brands, with interesting ways : passionned, motivated (often more than own employees), saving time more than ever, and the worst/best : being able to do it again. You found out what the message is, on UGC basements, open source advices, comments, and so long.


Technology makes possible to find thousands of results, by SEO, in one second. Thousands, yes, the only one that we want, maybe no ; thousands of results yes, most of them noisy results ! Fortunately, there’s some brain inside, and these techs are really evolved indeed. But social media, computing, sharing, etc, is more targeted ; more friendly ; more efficient. Try it, ask a question on apps such twitters, facebook and so long and get the answer…in a few seconds ! stars and experts are online 24/7, to give you the best answer, for free ! And even if you look for more, some others buddies are going to start chatting, and raise the level of the topic and give you, more and more. Flowers of wiki, with the user’s code, aways listening, then purposing, sharing, in a circle of friends, always devoted to your personal desires and searches. Let me know if, for a while, it looks like better than bots, isn’t it…?
I’m often questionning myself about spending time on such lines and how many times will it go on, but imagine, in the “old ways”, how it would have been less fun, without it. It makes a part of my life ; personal, professionnal, and cross over frontiers and differences. I think about this, as the missing link, the digital link in our lives, invisible but always ready to help us, in any case ; and I hope it will go on, bigger and warmer than ever.


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I had a dream : people not go on losing its head in hunting fake things, in benefit of real things. I always tried to be so right and clean in my relationship, protect my family and spread pleasure and listen ability to others. But I must be right in front of the wall : this is more and more rare stuff…Because of fashion, competitivity, race for modern champions, we passby the pure and essential pearl : a short talk, a short moment of being in common, with no longer nothing to prove to anyone else. Just for fun. Just for pleasure. just for nothing !

I found this in some web communities, which can relate topics of simple things, feelings and so long, without any dues. Debt, paiment, dues, jealousy…vanished words. Useless. Useless if you want to. This is one’s decision, and this is the magic on the web, share, take pleasure, be useless, well such great moments !

We have to protect and keep in some way, a child’s mind, a child’s eye to make things go on. To make things simple and friendful. I’ll be a good partner for anyone has its goal, because I feel it so important to me, and a royal aim to serve the technology we received. Technology which could make it possible, but not to slave us. Human power not for power, but for human first, and share with most of us, around the world. Even those who don’t have anything can, often those who feel it the best way…

Tell me about this useless paper ?

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