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It’s all about a important concept that we gonna talk about ; it’s all about future ; but not boring one, not passive one, about THE future, the existence of it, in itself. It’s all about Innovation.

Innovation is a cause or a consequence ? Are we driven to, or are we managing our destiny ?

I saw M. Marc Giget, who is a master in these ways ; consultant, with many representations in the world, CEO of euroconsult corp, he manages lots of courses about innovation concepts ; he leads the European Institute for Creative Strategies & Innovation too.

He introduced some ideas about it, with lot of good sense and humour ; I liked him, in the way, we have often lots of things in front of us, our mind doesn’t want to see : blind, but any conscience we are…!

Some rules to think about :

1) technology doesn’t make the dance : it’s a way, but not a goal. It’s the style which makes the innovation, not really technology

2) we have to be “in the life” to feel innovation : not the learning in fact that makes a genious, but application that does ; great real artists have suffered, had some troubled lifes, with some hard times ; that’s why some masterpieces are so great : they contain all pain and trouble of their creator…

3) in the same way, there’s no real innovation without risk. Risk itself, is a kind of innovation, in the way that we “change something usual, in a huge part”

4) “new must always enter somewhere” : there won’t be any innovation if you don’t want to ; we must be prepared, we must want it

5) inputs of life and daily society are capital pieces ; they give the rythm, the groove, the goal ; kind of spices, without it, there would be no taste at all

6) to end, a kind of “chance” idea ; great innovations sometimes never rise because time has not came ; history is full of too early breakthrough : too fast, too soon, not so important than ready to…

 We can talk about outside innovation, UG Innovation…because it’s in front of us. CEO of Procter & Gamble said : “there’s probably someone outside of my corp, who has solutions for my problems” ; meanwhile, there’s “only” 9.000 searchers inside the corp ! ; and he decided, targeted to have 50% of his solutions, in a 10 years period, to be provided by “users”, “friends”, whatever the name we use.
Stunning ? no way, just real situation, let’s share the “User Generated Solutions” ; such websites already provided as usual behaviors…

Well, we see that from doom to something wished, innovation can be something really simple first, but appears then complicated by the way it must be developped and understood. And we’re often in front of critics, without any purpose issues ; and that’s why it never goes far.  I guess web and social share are cute tools to deal with it : wide open minds can drive to success ; meanwhile, we can prepare the world to.

Any purpose ?

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