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We must mesure how our understanding and position of the subjet are : are we really afraid of what’s going on, on this old earth, or is it a fashion involved in our lives ?

Of course, no afraid AND no fashion : because the topic is too big, that we can’t really mesure in our nowadays lives, the effects now ; and no fashion because it’s real, but for the first point, so invisible that we make no attention at all.

Sure, some of us have changed some usings, other did not. But I’m afraid we must, in a steady state, change our minds, for good. In our modern society, beautiful is often emptiness, and we don’t realize, that our children, won’t no longer live as we did. It’s difficult because changes are invisible and slow. At our scale of thinking (by the way show us that we maybe have a short view of some kind of problems…Often ones that we don’t feel affected by…), there’s no world real mobilization. No world organisation which is going to give the tune. But we did, with other subjects : NATO, ONU, etc exist ; with real power and use of it. Nothing yet about ecology. Because we think it’s optionnal in our economics. I think, there’s some points on which we can quickly go further ; for example :

– lower uses of pollution energies (by taxes adding), by encourage durable ways of energy

– help to improve house insulations by tax reductions

– encourage e-commerce and homework, to reduice car using and reduice then trafic jam

– reinforce the public transportation, in big towns ; encourage car-sharing, create corp about this subject and create employment

– consider destruction of nature as a main crime classification and punish consequences

– regulate in stronger ways, protection of animals, fishing activities, hunting by applicating penalizations

– research and expert opinions must be disconnected of big corps, which lobby in their interests, no really ecological at all, in many cases

– start earlier to speak loudly on these topics, at school, with earlier ones students, to make live with, on daily future lives

Well, not my goal to be exhaustive there, but just to give some simple citizen opinions. It helps me to be aware of that, to be “eyes and ears opened” to our global doom.

Are you ? comment, please…

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Bridges to Heaven

Bridges make part of our dreams. Always have. When I was young, I stayed hours in front of building sites, watching cranes and trucks manage with ground and elements. Who have never dreamed of, drive some huge trucks and be a modern ranger, drawing tracks, roads and buildings…and bridges ?

Bridges make all true. It build from a situation past, to a new one ; linked, kind of passage way, in a conquest field. It’s a part of modern and technology revolution, to rejoin parts away. It pushes the limits far away, connect people, cancel distances and time. Even old Star Trek’s “time-shifting” was considered as a bridge canceling time (or save it !).


Web history has some similar effects. Not that it was the first aim, but it drives us in the same footprints, in some ways. By the seduction and exponantial rise, we open each day, thousands of ways, thousands of bridges, those which look like mazes sometimes (and highly-used by some computing virus !), which are amazing opportunities for knowledge, meet and teach ourselves daily behaviors. Opportunities to discover hidden people, living in dark sides, with such deep messages to ear. It’s not to talk about “power to the people”, but only let’s give a few speak to one who never have. It’s not about make long discussion, with expert’s points of view. Send the sentences from the silence. Go.

World noise is on the web. Just like a bee-house, never ending activity, and you’re a part of it. But it’s supposed not to be too “polluted place”, and stay a place of pleasure.

Let’s consider it like a real bridge masterpiece ; a bridge to heavenly moments, where nobody takes attention in time anymore, where all equal, everyone bringing its rock to this new construction, kind of eden place. Thinking about new step, linking with space’s aliens, trying to communicate with us. Create the new garden of peace : who now, is tempted to eat the forbidden fruit once more…?

You never had the speech skill ? Go, now for it !


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We have to live with : for XMas, no more petrol or caviar…Considering petrol prices, fuel stations, will soon more protected than Fort Knox !

What to do ?

Let’s create XMas share-event : there was already the “car-sharing”, create the “caviar-sharing”, “dinner-sharing”, “gift-sharing” (tip : we can be repayed in sending back the gift because no one owns it…), “households-sharing” (practicing, less tiring), “hangover-sharing”. It costs less and create less pollution.


Adding, we can make friends overall, in sharing these things, with who, we can speak about crisis, happy topic isn’t it ?!

it’s really interesting in these periods of loneliness people, deserted links, and so far, when some make feasts, others rest on the pavement…

End of the year, feasts which, by the way, began earlier each year : we can already buy our next year’s gifts, to be early…we can avoid sold out situations. Watching bulk in shops, we don’t really see crisis, in fact…Crisis, what crisis ?

But anyway, this creates employment, sometimes in “edged” situations. And afterall, we let the sturgeons quiet for a while, because caviar-sharing…Those which swim in petrol, they really have a “black gold” XMas…

Any advice, suggestion ? It was anything but humour moment…

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And it happens. We forgot about what we can find in nature’s field. Blinded by speed and fashion, we use all time to convince everybody of our superiority. Well, I don’t think a second about a real progress, virtual power which drives sometimes people to kill…When the going gets though, the tough gets going…Anyway, we must be guided by someone, something. Parents, childrens, friends (real ones, none of thousands on Facebook…!), corp’s life too in good conditions, remind us not to lose our head. And it’s essential for us. Those who believe who don’t need to, those who are real fools…Listening is not a natural skill. We must behave a long time, meeting people, delivering some new messages, swithing ideas…to appreciate more of this.


Most of time, people uses time to “be right”, kind of superiority on other ones. Is this the only goal “be right” ; but what for ? We all rise up in exchange, maybe strong ones of different opinions. Making superiority keep us ugly in some way…ugly and bad behaviors. And the most important is what we need to live, is in the nature itself, around us. And we can’t see it. oh, yes we can, if we want to. Each vegetal, rock, water field…has its part of spiritual energy. A kind of endless force, which can give us more than thousand fights. In silence, peace and respect of other. We have to be more aware and staring at each contact, message ; it’s not a due, it’s a gift, the nature’s gift, for who can receive it. A kind of nowadays graal. And the quest is never finished.

You feel it ? Any opinion. don’t hesitate, share it…

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Modern management has sometimes curious faces : targets from upper levels finally, through several stages, reveal strange mutations !
In the name of “more of more”, we are transmission ways who become unefficient. Keeping the goals in mind, that’s sure, be aware of “how reach it”, that’s better…
We, in the middle position management, the hardest one, always hesitate between short or long terme decisions, between having esay results now, despite quality and human consideration, and reflexion involving people in what we are made for, in the most interesting way, that is having a part in our destiny, even professionnal one, vs being a sleeping partner.

Why hardest one ?
Because all time eyes on targeting results, to enrich or rise power of people who don’t need any ? for what ?
Making missions despite human advices and consideration.
Because, more warning is huge, less we see it, blindy situation which confort one who doesn’t see…
The new revolution took some new faces : illness, depressions, “out-of-order” situations, break of motivation. Sad times, completely the result of our deafness. But can take some other ways : listening situation, participative projects, team goals vs individuals foolish. It’s up to us to change some behaviors, I think social networking must show us the way, like a new “added-value” guide.
Managing nutting way, will bring nut results ; and that was before, what was differencial between human brain and machines. Let’s believe in human new breath, and show us the best thoughout people power invesment in sustainable and sharable goals.
Keep sanity in any case. Or break the glass in emergency case.

Recognized into these situation ? Bring me opinions…

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It’s a fact, we have a permanent use of digital media nowadays, around and principally, of PC devices. Look how laptops sells rise each day, to feel more than a fly on the wall phenomenia. This reveals new behaviors about how we use contents : video, mails, pictures, voice…TV staring. Too much screens, for too much uses ; how can I manage for it ? where do I decide now where to watch TV, to read my e-mails, to see my holiday’s pictures ?

And goes on the slow but certain issue of digital devices wedding. Which one is gonna win ?

PC, for a longtime because of power, was a right one, but today’s electronic devices like TV, recorders, etc, are built like PC, with power CPU ; video games devices have stepped double since the last 5 years…

TV stays today, the only point of meeting, in main room of the house, before everyone vanished, turned to others usings, more personal. But Nintendo’s Wii is an amazing example of retrieving family heart, because all family can play together, instead of video games market for a single pleasure in the past years.

However we are in front of the move, we also can see, confusion of consuming behavior of contents on PC. We see, on business time, exploding the use of media content, with 3 peaks : banking on morning, and e-mails review ; entertainment (Youtube or others) at noon and trafic jam informations or cinema boards on the early evening.

General Manager considers it’s an logical evolution of fast time information and Web opportunities, but staying Twittering for 4 hours a day at desk, is this a reasonable way ?

We can always tell, we win times for our job and reinvest in personal goals….

Any comment, opinion ?

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It’s written in the books : we won’t be alone anymore because of “social networking”. Well…Such a great promise, such a temptation, why will we have to wait so long for ?We, at the prices of so much times on the web, searching and tracking new people, we call “friends”, without even know anything about, just like new hunting prices, new mesure of power.

Next NYSE, will it ever be the petrol price or gold, but the number of friends. Interesting, speculation about people that we don’t ever know.
It’s just like, human being was unable to communicate, unable to create warm and value, with true relations. Like if we, in the contrary, have fear of the “other”, of real relationship, just like single households, with young people who doesn’t want to marry anymore.
And we create false evaluation, false “friends”…”Well it’s good to have Mrs or Mr in my relation”, “oh God, you don’t know Mr…?”, so long, so nuts.

What about the true way of life ? What about comparing, debate about social minds, political and technical opinions, what about just “touch” its double, its neighbour.
I see famous hunters, without firing any ball, with their “hunt board” : “good day, I had xx more targets today…” ; and what for ? to make any career opportunity more ? to never post and pay attention to these “targets” ?
They really haven’t any consideration of social behavior…And the worst thing, is someone can do like, for years before being unmasked…

Let’s considering the topic on other side : the chance of being connected without travelling, with the entire world. Great chance, that lots of people even today don’t have. Think about third world, and their far away distance from this…
And let’s really appreciate each day, how we can do it : connecting people, to reduce unequalities, digital fence, and share ideas, feelings, know-hows. The high speed education, information with respect of anykind of opinion and so far.
A Marketplace, democracy of good sense, where everyone listen each other, and share without force anyone out of reason.


Technology grows fast. Faster than the consequences (so good, so bad) involved into ; only human can think about that and control the machine. We, always decide, the result of our acts.
It’s a question of being aware of this state, before acting. An important question, maybe THE question of survivance of technology race, to serve people.
Create value for the people, not to be slave of fashion stuffs, which will never give anything to eat to hungry people. Which will never help anyone.
Everybody has a secret to deliver to other. It’s when we are aware of our chance, and how we can influence or help anybody else, that we will make social network, a bulk progress.

We must think about that, – and I know now you will -, when you will add next friend to Facebook. And comment this subject.

Comments ? Advices ? Opinions ?

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Hello World !

As the title says, I’m welcomen…in blog world. I start now, my comments, ideas about techs, TV, social…well some new subjects, or new points of views, I hope.

Don’t hesitate comments are always welcomen, but noisy people, please passby…

I try to cope with it, in the way I feel about social behavior on the web : symetrical, friendly and sharing constructive ways. Be cool, take it easy…


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